“Replace your judgements with EMPATHY, upgrade your complaining to GRATITUDE, and trade in your fear for LOVE.” -Hal Elrod 

Lili Booker showed kindness when she walked with one of Mrs.Pasut’s advisees to her first ever class at Cannon.

Esther Burlington, Aubrey Haas, and Caroline Mills demonstrated KINDNESS by helping a freshman get to the right student life location.

Nicky Thompson and Aubrey Hass demonstrated PASSION for the Class of 2023 by painting our new spirit wall to welcome our seniors on their last first day of school. 

Lauren Childress showed COURAGE when she told Dean Booker the Pasut Advisory needed some donuts. Boom!!!

Nadia Ristich, Emily Majors, Ella Kungl, and Sarah Combs, demonstrated PASSION for the Class of 2023 by decorating the senior lounge to welcome all their classmates on the first day of school.

Nadia Ristich showed TEAMWORK when she thoughtfully gathered 20 planners for her HOUSE teammates. Go Nadia!

Miller Peterson demonstrated integrity by alerting a teacher to Air Pods that a student had dropped in a classroom. Thanks, Miller — the student who mislaid these is very grateful.

Ashmi Trivedi, Kenzie Sturgill, Aliza Anderson and Jimmy Anderson displayed TEAMWORK when they helped transports over 300 popsicles from the field house to quad for last Friday’s Back to School Party. Many thanks

Today: Emma Tunnell 


Over the weekend

8/20: Adrian Rashid 

Gossage Cup




***Anyone interested in receiving information about girls basketball, please click on the link below to complete the form by Wednesday, August 24th. 

Varsity/JV Girls Basketball Interest 2021-2022

Musical Auditions!

Now is the time to sign up to audition for Cannon Theater Company’s winter musical “Freaky Friday”! Pick a Saturday (Aug 27, Sep 10, or Sep 17) to come from 1:00-4:00pm. Each day has room for 20 people. All necessary details are in the email Mr. Mac sent you on August 15. Feel free to reply to that email with any questions.




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