” “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” -Socrates

Kayce Campurciani, Lucy Way, Aaron Ward, Campbell O’Brien, Helen Craft, Jasmine McRae, Jackson Carlock, Isaac Szilagyi, Caroline Mills, Sarah Leonard, Lilly Breese, Leighton Evans, Cole Frood, Sophie Pittman, and Annalise Leck demonstrated TEAMWORK when they met with and answered questions of our new students during orientation. Thank you!!!

Maryanne Lewis and Caroline DuMond demonstrated KINDNESS when they helped get students to and from orientation sessions and photos for their IDs. Thank you for your help!  

Brady Ravin

Mrs. Oswald 

Gossage Cup




***Welcome back Cougars!  I am excited to be back another year of serving you breakfast, lunch, snacks and team meals

Couple of items of note this year

1. The Cafeteria is CLOSED 10:30am-10:45am.

This is a critical time for our staff to do final line checks, make sure our food is temping safely and logging that info and making sure we have everything out to begin lunch service right at 10:45am

It would very helpful to our team if you could refrain from entering the cafeteria during this time as they want to be able to take care of your dining needs.  However, when they do, they do stress and miss things that are needed to ensure we can serve delicious and safe food

2. As you may have noticed, there has been some price increases this year.  The best way to combat those increases and get the best value is the $7 DEAL!  Any entree, hot sandwich or deli sandwich with any 2 sides and a 12oz cup is just $7

3. We also have the $7 Soup and Salad Deal! A small bowl of salad and a bowl of soup + that 12oz cup for a beverage is also just $7

4. This Friday is “Build your own Mediterranean Bowl” These “build your own” days were so popular last year that we are looking at doing them twice as often this year

That all I have for you now. If you have any questions you can reach out to me at

Thanks and Go Cougars!

– Mr. Evans

Musical Auditions!

Now is the time to sign up to audition for Cannon Theater Company’s winter musical “Freaky Friday”! Pick a Saturday (Aug 27, Sep 10, or Sep 17) to come from 1:00-4:00pm. Each day has room for 20 people. All necessary details are in the email Mr. Mac sent you on August 15. Feel free to reply to that email with any questions.




Class of 2023: Final Reminder – Transformative Scholarship Applications are DUE August 19th by 3 pm.

If you want to be considered for the Cannon School nomination to the Levine, Morehead Cain, Park, Bryan, Belk, Centennial, Cheatham-White or Jefferson scholarships your application materials must be emailed to Kristin McClanahan by 3 pm this Friday! All information regarding these scholarships and the application process can be found in your Scoir My Drive in the 2023 College Counseling Resources folder. Go to Application Boot Camp and Transformational Scholarship Nomination Process to access materials.

Please direct questions to your College Counselor!

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