My name is Gabbi Coppa, and I am a freshman here at Cannon School. I am organizing a dress drive for Operation Deploy Your Dress, an organization that collects formal dresses/accessories for military families who attend special events and can’t afford formal wear. My father was deployed when my older sister was a young child, and my mother and sister lived at Fort Campbell, an army post in Tennessee. They met many families, including the founders of Operation Deploy Your Dress, who moved all over the country and struggled financially without a steady income.

Do you make up songs? Lyrics? Love to create music? Wish you had an opportunity to make a lasting impression?

This is the inaugural year of the Cannon School Composition Contest!  We would love to hear your musical ideas and give you a chance to have them performed.  Please click the link to the Composition Contest to find out more information. 

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”       – Martin Luther King Jr 

Gossage Cup






Emily Majors 

Over the Weekend:

1/15: Andrew Harris   

 1/16: Shritan Reddy,  Annalise Randall-Bauer   

 1/17: Evan Ingram, Marielle Bumgarner

1/18: Olivia Nielson, Isabella Moore and Lily Wittgraefe

Room 404 – The CSG Room

Many of you have gotten the opportunity to check out the Coding/Maker Computer Lab and esports room in 404 in the MiLL. If you haven’t seen it yet, come check it out!

Cannon School Gaming (CSG) esports is a club open to all Cannon students. Email Mr Tran ( to join.

Please remember:

  • During class blocks, absolutely no gaming activities are allowed, as the room is an academic resource during that time. Absolutely no students may use the room during their drop period.
  • In order to gain access to the room outside of academic time, students need to be part of CSG (but not necessarily on a competitive team) in order to use the room so that they can be held accountable for CSG rules, Cannon’s RUP, and in-person/online behavior.
  • Before or after school, lunch time, and Office Hour (not Student Life or CORE) use is okay with a staff or faculty member present.
  • CSG esports team matches and practices take priority in the room.
  • Absolutely no food and drinks are allowed in the room or the couches outside, but you can eat at the MiLL tables . Water is okay but cannot be placed on desks.


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