***Hello Upper School!
A new and exciting program is available to Cannon Students called Youth Peace and Action (YPA) which is an online leadership course centered around PEACE that equips young people to think deeply, become an adaptive problem solver, and advocates in their communities. Through videos, dialogues, and interactive activities you will learn how to become a certified peacebuilder, earn service hours, learn peace frameworks, learn how to solve social issues, and how to spark positive change in your community. 
If you are interested in learning more and enrolling in the program join the meeting on Tuesday, November 16th during lunch in the CUBE (College Counseling)! Food will be provided! Want to get started now? Enroll into the program by following the instructions in the attached flyer!

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”-Dalai Lama

Gossage Cup





Bella Coughlin 

Ellery Biehler demonstrated KINDNESS when she volunteered to clean up a mess in the Commons. Thanks, Ellery!

Faith Carpenter, Thomas Coffey, and Sarah Leonard showed integrity in a class game when they stayed true to their word and attempted to benefit the whole group instead of just themselves.

Claudia Joyce showed teamwork when she led her advisory group in one of our Student Life sessions by sharing some questions and encouraging her peers to participate actively. Well done, Claudia!!!

The Amazing Molly Reiss demonstrated PASSION, RESPECT, and KINDNESS by coming back during her drop period to finish writing all of the remaining cards to veterans as part of the History and Film Clubs service project. Thank you so much, Molly!

***Attention Juniors! Your CORE location will be by House today!

House Animus – Foundation Hall

House Humanitas – Library Annex

House Impetus – The Cube

House Integritas – Mr. Arthur’s Room 603

***Online course registration for Winterm 2022 is NOW OPEN!!! You will have until November 29th at 3 p.m. to register. Once a course is filled, it will disappear from possible course options. 

Freshman and Sophomores – Register for your Winterm course here.

Juniors – Register for your Winterm course here. You will have the option for a TA position, career deep dive, or career exploration course.

Click here to view the course catalog. 

House Integritas is holding a coat drive this month. Please bring in gently used or new coats. Here is the information:

Who: donating to DUMC

When: all of November

Location: bin in the Atrium

What: gently used or new coats


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