“Worrying is like a rocking chair; It gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.”-Erma Bombeck 

Gossage Cup


This week’s schedule: 


Cam Abaqueta, Olivia Breese, Leighton Evans, Courtney Phelps, Taylor Denby, Josh Reid, Ben Childress, Conrad Randal-Bauer, Kate Christman, Olivia Varghese, and Ashmi Trivedi demonstrated KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when they gave the 8th graders tours of the Upper School and then answered questions about the Upper School. Thank you!!!


No birthdays. 

Peer Support Team & I’M FINE

Invite you to:

End of Year Party in the Quad!

Music, Games & KONA ICE

Monday during lunch/office hours


In The Quad

$3, $4, $5

cash or card

Join Us!

Remember: May is Mental Health Awareness Month- Being outdoors, hanging out with friends, listening to music, having fun, taping into your 5-senses to be present (sight, touch, sound, smell, taste- KONA ICE) are all important protective factors in mental health.

Hey Everyone! 

We just wanted to get the word out that we are making a club next year focusing on economics, finance, and everything business-related. 

Our big goal is to participate in DECA and learn important material that will help members not only in careers, but also in everyday life! 

Email us if you have any questions, and look out for us next year! 

Fiona Chen and Max McDermott 

Crescent Heights Retirement in Concord is Hiring

240 Branchview Drive NE

Concord, NC 28025


Open Position: Server for night and weekend mealtimes

Breakfast: 7:55am-9:15am

Lunch: 11:55am – 1:15pm

Dinner 4:55pm – 7:00pm

In the role of Server, you will be responsible for providing dining service of meals to our residents in a courteous and friendly manner. In addition, you will be responsible for setup and cleanup after meal service. • Greet residents and guests at each table with a smile to serve beverages, cereals, and/or soups/salads from cart. Courteously and clearly review the menu of the meal, take resident orders; serve meals and desserts. • Return cart to kitchen and assist with storage of perishable items. If needed, deliver trays to resident rooms. • Bus and clear dishes from tables after meal and reset for next meal following proper sanitizing procedures for tables and chairs as outlined in the Food Service Guidelines. Vacuum carpets, etc. • Complete side work – fill sugar holders, replenish creamers, clean coffeemaker, etc. • Other duties as assigned.

Age Requirements:

15-17 years old: must have parental consent

18 & older: must pass a background check

Jodi Picoult will be speaking virtually to Cannon on Tuesday, May 25th at 11:30 am.Picoult, a graduate of Princeton and Harvard University, is a New York Times Bestselling author who has written 26 books that have been translated into 34 languages in 35 countries. Her works include Small Great Things, My Sister’s Keeper, and A Spark of Light. 

If you can attend, please join Mr. Smith’s Zoom link below or go to his room in the English hallway.


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