Monday Mindset:

Today be the reason someone feels loved. 

Gossage Cup

               104                       253                                173                             72

This week’s schedule: 


Karon Boyd was a seriously awesome and KIND human being when he witnessed a teacher holding the door for a stream of students, and instead of going with the crowd, he insisted she go ahead of him and held the door for her.

Alicia Equan, Ben Childress, Kenlee Griffin, Kennedy Nemechek, Josie Thillet, Colin Bullard and Carter Rice demonstrated RESPECT, TEAMWORK, PASSION and KINDNESS when they spent time with Social Studies Teaching candidates and shared their valuable feedback. Thank you so much!

Olivia Neilsen, Madelena Cagnina, and Tierney Finn were KINDNESS personified when they brought a teacher Starbucks because they suspected she was having a bad day. Who does that?! Olivia, Madelena and Tierney–that’s who!

Hudson Davis showed TEAMWORK by helping move all the music gear from the CPAC back to classrooms after this weekend’s concert.

Jimmy Kinsella expressed KINDNESS by discovering and turning in a ring found in the MiLL. 

Max McDermott showed RESPECT by helping to right the class when some of his peers were off course.


Sarah Combs 


***Student Council is doing an Advisory Scavenger Hunt Monday-Thursday this week. Every morning you’ll get a hint to the prize here in the blog. If your advisory finds the prize, please return it to JoeTro to claim your advisory reward. 

Today’s hint: Mask up Cougars!

Daily Rewards: 

Monday- Chick-fil-A breakfast 

Tuesday-Popsicle party 


Thursday- 100$ cash prize for the advisory 

***Hello! My name is Ashley Phelps and I am doing my capstone on Suicide Prevention and Awareness. Of course this is not a topic that is easy to talk about. In this short presentation I would like to show you warning signs and things you can do to support friends and loved ones who may be struggling with severe depression and/or suicide. We will discuss techniques from the CDC, IASP, and other accredited mental health organizations. In addition, we will go through a hypothetical scenario and discuss how we can help our main character: Seven.

What: Suicide Prevention lunch and learn

When: 4/19 @ 1:00pm

Where: Foundation Hall


Monday: USA Day- Come to school in your best red, white, and blue!!

Tuesday: Grandparents Day- Seniors come to school dress like an elder; Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors come to school just like a toddler or little kid

Wednesday: Dress to Impress- Show us how nice you can clean up with your nicest outfit on

Thursday: Beach Day- Come to school in your most appropriate beach attire


Student Support would like to invite Juniors to “Focus Fridays”  during their drops and flex in the ACC classroom, Room 606.  

We will be providing a stress-free AND focus-driven space to get work done.  We will provide encouragement, guidance, and office supplies to help maximize work time.  We will also be hosting a coffee bar with snacks! YUM!!!

No sign up or RSVP is needed – simply a genuine desire to get things done and to free up weekends from work and stress.

Cannon Theater Company 2022 Musical Search

As always at this time of year, Cannon Theater Company is searching for the right musical to produce next year. Our first question is always – who’s interested and what are their singing strengths? To help us get a better sense of this, we (Mac, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Burlington) are asking for video submissions of you singing. These videos are NOT auditions, and they are not required in order to audition in the fall. They’re just an opportunity for you to be on our radar as we research which musicals could be good options for CTC. For more details, check out the email Mac ( sent you on Monday.

9th & 10th Graders:

Want to Apply for the 2021 Team?!

Are you a good listener? Do people trust you with their secrets? Are you interested serving Cannon in a quiet leadership role?

Cannon Peer Support Team Interest Meeting!

The Peer Support Team invites you:

Info session for

2021 pst; Members

Monday, April 19

Office Hours 12:30-1PM

Watch your email for an Outlook appointment and accept if you want to attend!

This is a required meeting for all applicants; if you cannot attend, please respond to this email BEFORE the meeting.

Thank you! Ms. Hoffman & Ms. Cabellos

US Counselors/pst; Advisors

Need a judgement-free, confidential* person to listen?

E-mail a pst; advisor or member:

*Conversations with pst; members are confidential unless there is a health or safety concern; Then, one of the pst; Advisors is consulted: US Counselors

CSG LAN Party on April 23, 2021 @ 5pm. Huge giveaways! Free entry and pizza. Please email to reserve your spot.





Class of 2022:

What:                   Competitive Scholarship Lunch & Learn hosted by Cannon College Counseling

When:                  April 28th 11:45 – 12:15

Where:                Kristin McClanahan’s Zoom Meeting Room

Why:                     Juniors will learn about the nomination process required for highly competitive scholarships including Levine, Morehead Cain, Park, Bryan, Belk, Centennial and Jefferson

Please direct questions about the session to your College Counselor!

Seniors, Juniors & SOPHOMORES!!  are invited to sign-up in SCOIR for Zoom meetings with College Admission Representatives. Sessions will be during lunch and office hours. Check SCOIR for the most up-to-date listing of college representative visits and click HERE for full registration directions. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to connect and, if required on your device, the meeting ID: 707 028 3745 to tune in remotely.

You may come to The Cube if you are on campus during the rep visit and need a place to log into the Zoom session. We recommend you bring headphones for the Zoom visit!

4/20: Butler University

The University of South Carolina is among more than 500 institutions participating in a National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) virtual college fair series hosted throughout the spring. Events will be offered on April 20th  and May 2nd.  For more information or to register for the event, students may visit


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