“I think people who have faults are a lot more interesting than people who are perfect.” – Spike Lee

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Born as Shelton Jackson Lee, Spike Lee is a renowned film director and actor famous for dealing with controversial issues like racism, politics and urban violence in his films. Known for his candid portrayal of taboo topics, he is a fearless and independent minded man who lets his films do the talking. He has made many movies such as ‘School Daze’, ‘Do the Right Thing’, and ‘Malcolm X’ which not only delivered powerful messages to the audiences, but also established him as one of the most respected directors in Hollywood. The son of a teacher and a jazz musician, he was brought up in a culturally and artistically rich atmosphere. His mother played an important role in kindling his imagination—she often took him to museums, galleries and plays and instilled in the boy a love for African American literature. As a young man he realized that he wanted to make films that celebrated the African culture. He made his debut as a director and actor with ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ which was a huge success. Since then he has made numerous other movies that explore the greatness of African American culture. He is also the founder of the production house ‘40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks’ which has produced more than 35 films.

House Points

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I caught Tommy Jones cleaning up trash (not his) in the hall. He saw random trash and picked it up. I want to recognize him for INTEGRITY; it takes a person of strong principle to see something that needs to be done and just get it done without regard for whether they will be rewarded for it. He also deserves commendation for RESPECT (respecting his school and his peers) and for KINDNESS (cleaning up what someone else was going to have to clean).

Ms. Weakland showed KINDNESS when she helped Dean Trojan with his daughter, Caroline.  Thanks for the #coverandmove!!!!


TODAY’s Leadership Lunch will be on OWNERSHIP and feature Mr. Walter Joyce as our speaker.  All are welcome!

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Join the Lovell Bradford Jazz Trio Thursday during lunch in Foundation Hall to celebrate Black History Month!

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Students for Constitutional Government will meet on Thursday, February 28th during lunch in the Library Annex. We will be exploring essential questions regarding gun rights.

As we mark the beginning a trimester 3, please be mindful of your fellow classmates when in the library. Please remember- the library is for academic study.  This includes the lunch/break time, student choice, and after school hours.  If you need to take a break from the day, please use the student commons or another location on campus.  Once you are ready to “hit the books” you are invited to study in the library. 

Related imageHi everyone, my name is Sam McDermott. For my capstone I am going to be showing various Robin Williams films throughout the month of March. I will also be talking about Bipolar Depression before the movie and will be staying afterwards if you have any questions about it. This is purely to raise awareness, so it doesn’t cost anything. Every movie will start at 3:15 and will be shown in Mr. K’s movie room.
March 1st – Mrs. Doubtfire
March 15th – Jumanji
March 29th – Hook

Hey everyone! This week, Monday through Thursday, Jessa Maynard and Daphne Reynolds will be selling t-shirts outside of Foundation Hall during lunch for their Capstone Project. They are raising money for the Carolinas Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Each t-shirt is $20 (and comes with a free cookie!). They also accept donations of any amount without the purchase of a t-shirt. On Friday, they will be presenting about Crohn’s and Colitis, and Jessa will share her experience living with Crohn’s disease.”

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Interested in running for a Student Council Officer (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, PR Rep) position?  The officers’ election date is March 13th. Campaigns open Friday, March 1st. Candidates must attend a mandatory interest meeting on February 27th at 7:45 am or February 28th at 3:15 pm in room 703. Speeches are due by 3 pm on March 11th.

As always, all campaign materials must be approved before they are posted, and any social media campaigns must be public.

Students interested in running for next year’s Honor Council should speak with Dean Booker or Ms. Lineberger.  The Council will be seeking 1 rising 10th, 1 rising 11th, and 3 rising 12th graders. Speech submissions are due by TODAY at 3pm.

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Humanitas is going to collect supplies for a local charity called Soap N’ Hope that is led by our very own Amelie Kadackal ! On Day of Service, we are going to package and personalize the items we collect for the charity!

We are officially starting to collect supplies, so please bring in any travel size hygiene products (things like: shampoo, conditioner, bar/hand soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc…) that you might have grabbed from hotels or even pick up a few things from the grocery store or pharmacy.

Bring your items into advisory and we will come around and collect from your advisors room! The more the better!!! If you have any questions please contact Laine Kozlowski at

Thank you for helping support this amazing organization!!

House Humanitas Leadership 

Attention Juniors/Seniors who wish to apply to the National Spanish Honor Society:
Please submit your one-page essay to Sra. Todd by Friday, March 1, 2019. Students must have an A- average in all Spanish classes (see Plearning/your Spanish teacher for list of other requirements).
Your essay should:

  • be double-spaced
  • be typed (in English)
  • state the reasons why you want to join the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica plus explain how in the future you would demonstrate passion for the Spanish language.
  • If you are a junior, it should also include your projected course for senior year– 4 years of Spanish language study is a requirement for induction into the honor society

Mil gracias!

Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores are invited to sign-up on Naviance Student to visit with College Admission Representatives coming to Cannon School.  Students must get permission from their classroom teachers prior to attending an admissions event. Log into your Naviance Student account to learn more about the colleges, find out visit times and register to attend. Visits will be held in The Cube or College Counseling Offices

March 5th: Savannah College of Art & Design
March 15th: Drexel University
March 25th: University of Alabama; Huntsville
March 29th: Gardner-Webb University
April 11th: UNC Wilmington




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