“When you talk negatively to yourself, you instantly sabotage your own success.”-Allistair McCaw

Many thanks to Destiny Thomas, Annalise Randall-Bauer, Julia Ellington, Will Swartz, Luke Fox, Sam Davis, Santiago Castaneda, Kierra Morrow for their TEAMWORK and KINDNESS in helping with the lower school AE DAY. The kiddos really enjoyed getting to know them and the teachers really appreciated the extra set of hands. 


Ashwin Patel

Maddie Sturgill

Kenzie Sturgill

Lili Booker



David Grady

Jackson Scurlock



Luke Fox 


Elise Wrenholt

Alayna Humrickhouse

Gossage Cup






***Lost and Found – there are items that belong to upper school students over near the cafeteria. Please check that area for your belongings before we head home for summer break. 

***To close out our year Upper School is hosting a UNITY GATHERING in the Quad on Tuesday, May 30th starting at 11:10 am. ALL Upper school students and faculty are invited to join. This event calls attention to our school’s commitment to belongingness. Join in to show public SUPPORT for the value of each person in our diverse community! We will close with an activity to show UNITY. Join us!



Admission Rep Visits have concluded for the ‘22-‘23 school year. Below you will find a recap by the numbers. These visits will pick up again in the fall of 2023 and will be open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

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