“Somebody once said we never know what is enough until we know what’s more than enough.”-Billie Holiday

Gavin Powell, Tyler Green, Kathryn Busby, James Fisher, James Ter Poorten, Sydney Scurlock, Elise Wrenholt, Griff Galloway, Grant Lam and Sophia Baise demostrated TEAMWORK and PASSION as they gave up time in their days to meet with three prospective Athletic Director candidates. 


Colin Bullard 

Gossage Cup






Trouble getting or staying organized? Struggling to stay motivated? Difficulty managing your time? Need an accountability partner to help keep your goals on track? Looking for some fresh work or study space scenery? Absences or early dismissals got you feeling behind? Academic Coaching at Cannon (ACC) can help you start Trimester 3 strong. We’re here to support you!


Sign up for an academic coaching session (Room 606) during your DROP, Office Hours, or after school – time slots are available this week! Our Academic Coaching team (Mrs. Weakland, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Ramsey, Sra. Calles, and Ms. Kaye) are ready to support YOU in the way YOU choose!  YOU decide date and time of appointment, frequency of appointments (3x is recommended!), and the content of appointment.


Use the ACADEMIC COACHING QR CODES posted throughout the building and outside teachers’ classrooms to secure an appointment with one of our AWESOME Academic Coaches! Reach out to Mrs. Kulp ( if you have questions or need help signing up for sessions.

Worldly Wednesdays – Student Volunteer Opportunities: Cannon Cultures is looking for student volunteers to help adorn the cafeteria and surronding area with themed decorations that will create a festive atmosphere for our monthly Worldly Wednesday events. Decorations and supplies will be provided.  Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up here. . Thank you!

Course Registration Key Dates!  

  • Friday, March 24 – Last day of course registration
  • Thursday, April 13 – Last day to submit course petitions

If you have any questions about course registration, please review this presentation from student life and contact Mrs. Snowfrock (​

Hi everyone! For our capstone, we are assisting the blood drive happening on campus this Thursday on House Day of Service. There will be an info table outside of the drive where we will share more information about our “why” behind it all. Please check your emails from Mrs. Stavrakas about if you are eligible to donate. If you have any questions, you are welcome to email and or find Mrs. Stavrakas in the upper school. 

Thank you,

Emily Majors, Leighton Evans, and Melissa Remmey


Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores are invited to sign-up in SCOIR for visits with College Admission Representatives. Representatives have the option to visit Cannon School in-person or via Zoom. Check SCOIR for the most up-to-date listing of college representative visits and to learn in what format they will visit Cannon. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to connect for virtual visits. You may come to The Cube if you are on campus during the rep visit and need a place to log into the Zoom session. We recommend you bring headphones for the Zoom visit! For the full remaining schedule, CLICK HERE.

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