“Life without experience and sufferings is not life.” —Socrates



 Olivia Neilsen

Isabella Moore

Charlie Freidinger

Lily Wittgraefe 



Gossage Cup






***All who are interested in applying to become a Cannon Camp Counselor or CLT, please check your email for the link to the application. Thanks

***ATTITUDE…you’ve got one.  Is it a good one?  Please join us for a leadership presentation on ATTITUDE by Mr. Isaiah Coleman on Thursday at lunch in Foundation Hall.  All are welcome!

***CAFTA Senior Art Scholarship Application


Scholarship Award: CAFTA will award a minimum of one scholarship, for a minimum of $2000 to a Cannon Senior.

Qualifications: A student must be a senior who is or has been enrolled for at least two years in a visual art, music, or theater program at Cannon.

Selection Criteria: The CAFTA Board will consider the application provided by the student as well as the student’s ability to convey leadership in the arts and/or art classes, character or dedication to the arts, and individual artistic skill.

Class of 2023 CAFTA Scholarship Application

Due by 3 pm on March 1, 2023

Student Name:                                                          Email Address: 

Résumé: Please submit your full resume including all your art experiences and art awards (include MS and US; art courses, art related clubs and art related extracurricular activities and service).

Essays: Answer each of the following questions in a short paragraph (250-350 words each):

  1. How have the Arts at Cannon impacted you?
  2. How has Cannon been affected by your art or your involvement in art-related activities?

Optional Submissions:

  1. Provide copies of your artwork, writing, recording of a performance or audition, etc. You can submit these optional materials using the CAFTA Scholarship Artwork Submission Form.
  2. Provide a letter of reference. The reference must be art related. The reference may be external or from someone at Cannon, i.e., any person who can attest to your passion for art. Family members are not permitted to provide a reference. The reference must be emailed directly to and must specify the applicant’s full name.

Applications and supporting materials must be submitted to by 3 pm on March 1, 2023.

Add CAFTA Scholarship Application in the subject line of your email.

CSG Esports Lab – Open to Everyone the next two weeks from 1/16 – 1/27

Come by and play the latest esports titles such as League of Legends, Rocket League, OW, Smash Bros, and Valorant. 

The Cannon Track & Field Team Store for spring is now open. Required items will be the warmup jacket and pants as well as a short sleeve t-shirt in your choice of color, but you are welcome to order more to support the team! Please place your order soon, the store will close on Monday Jan. 23rd and will not reopen. Here is the link to order:



Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores. Thank you to those who met with college/university admission representatives this year. Visits will pick up again next year as institutions have more time after reviewing the bulk of applications for the class of 2023. As representatives start to sign up again for visits in SCOIR, we will update this blog

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