“A ship does not sail with yesterday’s wind.” ―Louis L’Amour



Today: Mrs. Pasut

Yesterday:  Mr. Storr, Mrs. LaVoie and Mr. Donovan

12/17: Skylar Couture

12/18: Charlotte Ostema

12/20: Maya Marvin, Sophia Palermo, Aaron Ward, Sarah Duty and Lucas Cahill

12/21: Will Butow

12/22: Claire Nelson and Ritika Myana

12/26: Coach Bolton 

12/27: Naya Thakkar and Andrew Peterson 

Gossage Cup







Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores. Thank you to those who met with college/university admission representatives this year. Visits will pick up again next year as institutions have more time after reviewing the bulk of applications for the class of 2023. As representatives start to sign up again for visits in SCOIR, we will update this blog

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