“The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.” – Arnold Palmer

Displaying TEAMWORK, Jasmely Ortiz, Sun Lee and Ben Maynor put in hours of work this weekend helping to run the AAU Wrestling Tournament setting up, breaking down, cleaning, working the scoring tables and refereeing matches. His selfless service to others helped to make this year’s tournament remarkably successful both for the wrestlers and Cannon School. Thanks, so much, for all your help!

Ashwika Battu, Fiona Chen, Luke Christman, Olivia Equan, Bella Hartung, Anna Kinken, Ian Kuo, Jessi Laws, Annalise Leck, Kaitlyn Meadows, Dhanvi Movva, Claire Northrup, Gregory Olson, Daniel Phillips, Callan Ruddy, Julia Schneider, Ishara Shrestha-Rai, Julianna Syer displayed PASSION doing a wonderful job playing in the Talent Show. Thank you!

Joseph Earl Levy III demonstrated KINDNESS when he went above and beyond for a Jr.K student who wasn’t having a perfect day on Friday. Thanks, Joseph! Our youngest cougars appreciate you!



Austin Hass-Ried 


Gossage Cup






Spring Boys Tennis Interest Meeting THURSDAY 12/15 during Office Hours:

For those interested in playing tennis this Spring, please meet in Mr. Sinden’s room (703) during Office Hours on Thursday for a quick meeting. Additionally, please send an email to me ( stating you’re interested in playing tennis this spring.


Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores. Thank you to those who met with college/university admission representatives this year. Visits will pick up again next year as institutions have more time after reviewing the bulk of applications for the class of 2023. As representatives start to sign up again for visits in SCOIR, we will update this blog

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