“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and the way you make others feel is your trademark.”-Jay Danzie

Elizabeth Booker, Noah Geisler, Zoe Griffith, Caroline Kaba, Brady Sheir, Truett Wolf, Bella Chiemprabha, and Luke Seeber showed kindness when they stayed late after class to help clean up from a class activity.

Hosaena Fikadu showed kindness when she helped another student clean up after art class!

Nicholas Micolucci showed passion when he shared his knowledge of history with the class in preparation for Animal Farm.

Elias Simon displayed KINDNESS when he volunteered to inflate the French Formula 1 handball. Thanks, Elias!

Merriwether Whitlow, Hudson Davis, Balin Surface and Santiago Castaneda displayed KINDNESS and TEAMWORK when they helped Dean Williams finish a project. Many thanks. 


Anthony Jones 

Gossage Cup





Are you looking to lead a club? If so, please complete this Club Proposal form. Upper School club fair will be Wednesday, September 21st. Please see Dean Williams if you have any questions. 

Attention Freshmen and Sophomores, the Admission Office at Cannon needs you! We are excited to begin welcoming prospective students to spend the day on campus.   Hosts are needed to help ensure a great visit day.  Hosts are expected to take their visitor to classes, lunch, and clubs, introduce them to friends, and make them feel welcome at Cannon. Visitors will spend all or part of the day with the host.  If you’d like to host, please complete this survey

Students are not allowed to move cars behind the Upper School, strength and conditioning center and bus parking lot. Your cars are to be left in the student parking lot after school. This will allow space for those visiting during after school hours. Thanks for complying.

Cannon School Esports Recruiting Week

August 29-Sept 3rd @ CSG Lab in The MiLL

Come check out the lab, play some games, and meet new people

Are you interested in using a digital planner? Click here to turn your Cannon planner digital!  

Sports Interest Meetings


Thursday, September 1, at 3:30pm on the softball field. Coach Maves said if a player cannot make it to let her or coach Chris Evans know.



Thursday, September 1, at 10:45am – 11:30am in the MS Community Room. Will be led by Coach Steve Schattner.

Cannon T&F is getting a beautiful new pole vault pit.  If anyone is interested in the adventure of pole vaulting this spring, Coach Biehler will be holding an interest meeting at 3pm on Thursday, September 1st.  Meet at the picnic tables at the top of the stadium.

Carolina Smash food truck will be here for lunch on Friday, September 2nd. 

Need help with math? Everyone does. Lucky for you that every morning before school you can find the coolest teachers on campus ready, willing, and able to help you! At least two members of the Upper School Math Department will be in room 504 between 7:45 and 8:05, five days a week, answering homework questions, explaining concepts, and helping you solve all your problems…well, the math ones anyway. Your teacher isn’t there? Don’t worry! All math teachers can help with most levels of math. What a great opportunity to get to know a different teacher! For now, we won’t have Math Café during Office Hours or after school, so if before school doesn’t work for you, work with your teacher to set up an appointment or stop by the math office in room 500 next to the library, across from the elevator. We are here to help all students be successful!




Please help Hope and Catherine raise awareness for Alzheimer’s.


Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores are invited to sign-up in SCOIR for visits with College Admission Representatives. Representatives have the option to visit Cannon School in-person or via Zoom. Check SCOIR for the most up-to-date listing of college representative visits and to learn in what format they will visit Cannon. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to connect for virtual visits. You may come to The Cube if you are on campus during the rep visit and need a place to log into the Zoom session. We recommend you bring headphones for the Zoom visit!

CUBE Policies

  • Open Space 
    • CUBE is open to all grade levels and all students.
    • CUBE hours are 7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
    • The CUBE is CLOSED during lunch.
  • Purpose of the Space 
    • Classroom for CC Team
    • Meeting Room for College Rep Visits
    • Individual Study Space
    • Collaborate with Peers
    • Leisure time (at an appropriate volume)
  • Respect the Space
    • Welcome college rep visitors and respectfully leave if you are not attending the scheduled session.
    • Clean up after yourself – remove all trash and belongings before you leave the room, erase the whiteboard if you use it, and maintain cleanliness of the microwave and tables (use wipes/spray provided).
    • If you move furniture, put it back as you found it before you leave the room.
    • If you open a window, close it before you leave.
    • Use of Smartboard must be approved by the College Counseling Team (come ask one of us before using it).
    • Keep the lights on and doors open at all times. (Students may close the door for a club meeting only).

Please be aware that College Counseling reserves the right to close The CUBE if students are unable to be good stewards of the space.

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