“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”― Confucius


Ashwin Patel, Maddie Sturgill, Kenzie Sturgill and Lili Booker


Gossage Cup




***Important Information for Finals Week

Make sure you bring: 

  • pen/pencil
  • calculator
  • other materials you will need for your exams 

If your course does not have a final, you are welcome to stay home for that exam period (i.e. an AT/AP course or Arts course without a final). If you choose to be on campus during a time in which you do not have a final, you must report to the library.

During finals, you will be required to stay in your classroom for the entire period. If you finish your exam early, you will not be permitted to use your cell phone. Please bring a book or other study materials to keep yourself occupied.



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