“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”—Langston Hughes

Kudos to Hope Kramer and Tyler Green for their TEAMWORK and KINDNESS in cleaning up a spill in the Commons on Friday afternoon. 

Colby Dry, Brevin Wilson, Devin Bell, Claire Schafer, Caroline DuMond, Olivia Equan, Brandon Bartelli, and Madison Bryan all showed passion in attending the Middle School Assembly last week to share tips on study habits, friendship challenges, and time-management.  They gave up time during their lunch to share their wisdom with the younger students.  We had a follow-up advisory lesson where the students had a deeper discussion after hearing their advice, so we truly appreciated having them share their experiences.

Joseph Earl Levy displayed TEAMWORK in moving some desks for the English department!

Marco Papis helped the College Counseling Team with unloading supplies from the admission deans panel -thank you for your kindness!

Robert Walley has demonstrated kindness all year by offering to help teachers and students when needed. Just last week, he noticed a faculty member moving around large desks, and Robert quickly asked if he could assist them. Way to be a gentleman, Robert!

Ryan Chen

Mrs. Miller 

February 29th: Isabella Friedli 

Gossage Cup





***FRESHMEN: CORE TODAY will be with College Counseling. Please plan accordingly and report to the follow locations at 11:45 on Monday:

Foundation Hall: Bumgarner, Ross, Cooper, Dunn, and Hylton Advisories with Dr. Wilner & Ms. Brayboy

Campbell Gallery: Fisher, Weakland, Smith, and Scurlock Advisories with Ms. McClanahan & Ms. Waibel

See you Monday – the CC Team


Plastic waste caused by the disposal of single-use plastic is one of the largest environmental issues in our world today, making up 80% of Earth’s pollution!


If you have used stationery (such as highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, glue sticks, paint sets, flexible packaging, and pens) from ANY BRAND, please drop them off in the Collection Bins placed throughout campus. There are bins near the science, English, math, and WL hallways. We would really appreciate your contribution! Help us stand up for this noble cause to #stopplasticwaste


For more information, please contact Rayyan Syed ( and Mrs. Mattsson ( Thank you!

Fellowship of Athletes club will meet EVERY THURSDAY 7:30 AM in Foundation Hall. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there. 

Update for the Peru trip: 


For parents and students interested in the Peru Trip next Spring Break (2023), we will be holding a virtual interest meeting on March 8th at 11:15 via zoom. 


Here is the link to sign up for the trip and feel free to reach out to me ( or (919) 741-7722) if you have any questions.

Hey all! The history club is having a meeting during office hours on March 3rd in room 705, along with a presentation on Judaism! Make sure to show up to room 705 if you’re interested!

Course Registration Key Dates!  

Wednesday, March 23

Last day of course registration

Friday, April 8

Last day to submit course petitions

If you have any questions about course registration, please review this presentation from student life and contact Mrs. Snowfrock (




  • 11:30-11:42 Every day in 614 (Miller’s room)

  • Everyone welcome. (Students, Faculty, Staff)

  • You don’t even have to meditate. Just come find a space to breathe.

  • Contact Mrs. Miller if you have any questions.

Be a Special Olympics Volunteer!

Cannon School has been asked to take 20-30 Upper School students to volunteer at Special Olympics Spring Games on Wednesday, April 6thWe are looking for responsible and energetic students to volunteer as athlete buddies.  Buddies help athletes get to their events and cheer them on.  This will be a fun and impactful day for student volunteers.  If you are interested in attending as a buddy, please fill out this application form no later than February 28th.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Weakland.




Seniors, Juniors & Sophomores are invited to sign-up in SCOIR for visits with College Admission Representatives. Representatives have the option to visit Cannon School in-person or via Zoom. Check SCOIR for the most up-to-date listing of college representative visits and to learn in what format they will visit Cannon. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to connect for virtual visits. You may come to The Cube if you are on campus during the rep visit and need a place to log into the Zoom session. We recommend you bring headphones for the Zoom visit!


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