“Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.”-Mike Krzyzewski

Gossage Cup





Matthew Kroll

Over the break: 

11/20: Andrew and Ethan Little and Ava Nitzan

11/22: Taylor McGibbon

11/23: Lucy Betler and J.T. Murphy

11/25: Liam Gibbons, Trey Anderson and Mrs. Snowfrock 

11/26: Aniya Brooks-Manning

11/27: Milo Sacks 

Shout to Lilly Carnaggio, Fiona Chen, Luke Christman, Abby Crane, Olivia Equan, Austin Haas-Reid, Jack Jones, Owen Koehler, Erin Kohlhepp, Ian Kao, Steven Lark, Jessi Laws, Annalise Leck, Dhanvi Movva, Gregory Olson, Julia Schneider, Ishara Shrestha-Rai, Kenzie Sturgill and Maddie Sturgill for their COURAGE and PASSION for performing in the Community Meeting and Taylor Glen Retirement Community. Way to go!!

Leland Raines showed PASSION as he performed twice with the US strings ensemble. He took the extra time to practice with them and attend the performances.

***Hey everyone!

If you are interested in being a peer tutor for house Animus please fill out the linked form below! Anyone from any house is welcome to be a tutor! This is a great opportunity to help out the Cannon Community and gain service hours! Please email me (  if you have any questions!


Thank you,

Animus Academic Team

***At lunch today in Mrs. Huffman’s room, Film Club will be holding a special effects makeup workshop open to anyone interested in learning how to apply and use special effects. Snacks and treats will be provided! If you have any questions email @Carnaggio, Lilly

Lost and Found in the Atrium. All unclaimed items will go to the Goodwill this afternoon. Please come by and claim any lost items. 

Calling all Students, especially those currently enrolled in AT Environmental Science and members of the Envirothon or Science Olympiad Clubs.  Everyone is invited to a special visit from the College of Natural Resources at NC State.  Tuesday 11/30 11:30 – 12:30 in Room 620 (Mrs. Oswald’s room). 

The College of Natural Resources at N.C. State offers 9 majors including, Forest Management, Environmental Technology and Management, Fisheries, Wildlife Conservation Biology, Natural Resources, Environmental Sciences, Paper Science and Engineering, Sustainable Materials and Technology, Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management and Sport Management. Come hear about our facilities, all 9 majors, clubs and organizations, scholarships and the admissions process to N.C. State!

Online course registration for Winterm 2022 is NOW OPEN!!! You will have until November 29th at 3 p.m. to register. Once a course is filled, it will disappear from possible course options. 

Freshman and Sophomores – Register for your Winterm course here.

Juniors – Register for your Winterm course here. You will have the option for a TA position, career deep dive, or career exploration course.

Click here to view the course catalog. 

House Integritas is holding a coat drive this month. Please bring in gently used or new coats. Here is the information:

Who: donating to DUMC

When: all of November

Location: bin in the Atrium

What: gently used or new coats



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