“We’re either winning or learning. It’s not winning or losing, it’s winning or learning.” – John Calipari

Gossage Cup







Tatiana Ngana and Mrs. Hulin

Over the weekend: 

10/28: Will Jones, Cam Abaqueta and Chase Erdin

10/29: Courtney Nix 

10/30: Phenix Brown and Von Pelow 

Grace Hurtado displayed TEAMWORK as she came in clutch for her advisory by bringing a bunch of extra items for costumes!

Will Jones was kind and also showed great teamwork when he ran to the library on a quest to find Mrs. Miller’s book.

John Kroll showed teamwork by sharing a physics kinematic graphing video he found on-line with his classmates. Thank you John!

This is a reminder from your friendly neighborhood Dean Team that no students should be leaving campus during lunch time or drops without first speaking with a Dean.

Additionally, no students should be sitting in their car during lunch or drops.  Thanks for your cooperation on these 2 important safety issues.  Come see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Hello Cannon Upper School!

National Art Honors Society had our interest meeting last month, and we were very excited to see people were interested in being a part of what we do. We also wanted to send out an email for any people who didn’t have time to come to the interest meeting. 

Here are the requirements to become a member:

  • At least 3 years of Visual Arts Courses

  • A- average in Visual Arts Classes

  • 20 cumulative NAHS sponsored service hours

  • 10 cumulative NAHS sponsored service hours for the Class of 2022

  • 1 piece of art submitted to The Ink: Literary Arts Magazine (who are taking submissions now)

  • Paid dues of $10 (for underclassmen) and $22 (for Seniors)

If you are interested in being a member or have questions about NAHS. Please email me at Please also keep in mind that this and Honors Society, not a club for you to join and then do nothing with.

Thank you!

Gaby Phillips


All Upper School Students: The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) is hosting a series of virtual college fairs. Follow this link to learn more.

Upcoming Events:


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