Monday Mindset:

Life is like a camera, just focus on what is important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. If things don’t work out, take another shot!

Gossage Cup


This week’s schedule: 


Jake Hayward, Will Freidinger, Andy Harris and Michael Micholucci, Jr demonstrated TEAMWORK by taking boxes out for their teacher. Thanks so much!!

Aidan Finn 

***If you are storing your key card near your phone, chances are it is burning (see the circled area) it which can deactivate it. Keep in mind, if it’s deactivated you must pay $15 in order for it to be reactivated. 

****The US library is closed for AP testing on Monday, May 10th from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm. 


Cannon Theater Company Announces Auditions for our Fall Production of “Winter Break”!

Auditions for CTC’s fall production of “Winter Break” by Joe Calarco will take place May 12-14 at various times both during the day and after school. Details are in your email from Mr. Mac.



Student Support would like to invite Juniors to “Focus Fridays”  during their drops and flex in the ACC classroom, Room 606.  

We will be providing a stress-free AND focus-driven space to get work done.  We will provide encouragement, guidance, and office supplies to help maximize work time.  We will also be hosting a coffee bar with snacks! YUM!!!

No sign up or RSVP is needed – simply a genuine desire to get things done and to free up weekends from work and stress.


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