This week’s schedule:


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” -Judy Garland

Gossage Cup

                 10                             0                                40                               10

Kudos to Esther Burlington for KINDNESS in nurturing her advisor in her time of suffering.

Hooray to Alex Lahners for his KINDNESS in heroically running to his teacher to see if she needed anything from the cafeteria in her time of dire need.

Today: Mr. Herder

Yesterday: Sra. Velandia

Women’s History Month is aimed to honors all women, past and present. Interested in testing your knowledge on women’s history? Stop by the Trivia table located outside of foundation hall during lunch on Friday March 12th

Hi, my name is Olivia Harper and for my Capstone I am creating a website with different ways and opportunities for people to explore different topics that you might find in an exploratory art class or a Winterm; I explain a little bit more about why I chose this in the survey. I would really like this to be something that everyone can enjoy so if you would please fill out this google form that would be great! It is three questions and should take around 5 minutes. Thank you so much!

Card Making for a Cause!


Hannah Shiffert & Sydney Wood

Tuesday, March 9th 12:30-1:30

Foundation Hall to make cards:


Hey everyone! Hannah Mierzwa and I are seniors this year and have both been a part of several sports teams at Cannon. These teams usually don’t have a lot of spectators and we wanted to make them more well-known and watched. For our capstone, we will be highlighting a different girls’ team for each week of March!

This week is softball! One member of the softball team told us that the defining part of their team is their team culture, and how they make sure every member of the team feels valued and important. They have many outstanding players who contribute a lot to their games and team culture. At their last game, Gabby Polsky had 4 doubles and 4 runs and Brie Biddle had 2 RBIs! Way to go softball! 

In part of supporting their team, we want everyone to go watch their next game on Wednesday, March 10th at 4:30! Some fans can even be in person which is super exciting! However, if you can’t make it in-person or capacity is full, support them on Local Live as well!

Thank you!
Ella Ruddy and Hannah Mierzwa 



Seniors, Juniors & SOPHOMORES!!  are invited to sign-up in SCOIR for Zoom meetings with College Admission Representatives. Sessions will be during lunch and office hours. Check SCOIR for the most up-to-date listing of college representative visits and click HERE for full registration directions. Use this Zoom Meeting Link to connect and, if required on your device, the meeting ID: 707 028 3745 to tune in remotely.

You may come to The Cube if you are on campus during the rep visit and need a place to log into the Zoom session. We recommend you bring headphones for the Zoom visit!

3/23: Johnson C. Smith

4/6: Clemson University and Gardner-Webb University

4/20: Butler University

The University of South Carolina is among more than 500 institutions participating in a National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) virtual college fair series hosted throughout the spring. Events will be offered on February 28, March 21 and May 7 from 1 – 7 p.m. EST. For more information or to register for the event, students may visit



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