DEANS DAILY DOWNLOAD 1.11.21 (Social Studies Drop)

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you.” -Leon Brown 

Schedule this week:


Gossage Cup

            246                             290                              365                          333


Katie Caplan

Anna Dula

Anna DuMond

Gaby Phillips

Charlie Carr

Mary Morrison

Evan Essex, Bella Edmondson, Quentin Clarke, and Kate Booker showed PASSION for Cannon School when they gave up part of their Saturday morning to share their experience at Cannon.



Humanitas and Impetus are hosting Game Day in Foundation Hall. Join us at 12:00pm on Tuesday for music, candy, and fun!!    

Thank you, 
Hayes Leatherman



Hello US students and we welcome you back to campus beginning Monday the 11th. As an FYI to you, our intention is to continue with the same lunch service options that we’re providing prior to Winter Break. However, in order for us to keep the day of service options WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT IN PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING WHEN COMING TO THE DINING HALL FOR LUNCH. 

  1. Remember PRE-ORDERING  IS STILL AVAILABLE! This is the quickest line, (because your meal has already been boxed up, doesn’t require going through the cashier lines unless you make additional retail purchase) and is the best value in pricing. 
  2. It does take time, to scoop and serve your lunch options. This will result in lines, no matter how fast we go. Please remember that we have both sides of our dining hall service lines open. PLEASE MAINTAIN 6 FEET WHILE WAITING IN LINE. THE LINES CAN BE SEPARATED WITH ONE LINE GOING BACK TOWARDS THE COUGARS DEN AND THE OTHER LINE ALONG THE WALL TOWARDS THE MIDDLE SCHOOL.
  3. Have a plan, we understand that there is some day of items that we put out for your convenience, but try and have a game plan, (EX. Just going to grab a yogurt or a pre-boxed salad, just grabbing drinks and chips) and make your way to the cashier for those retail purchases as quickly as possible and do not linger around in the service area. We want to keep that area to no more than 20 people at one time
  4. Remember to maintain social distancing guidelines in the cashier lines. Have your pin number ready and speak loudly and clearly so we can enter your promptly without having to ask you to repeat yourself.
  5. With the Covid numbers rising, we want to make sure our dining hall remains a safe place for your well-being and our Flik staff.  The more you can help us manage these best practices, the more likelihood we WILL NOT have to revert back to the full Pre-order only system

Thank you and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. my email is

Please remember to submit your S.H.R.E.D. board design proposals to Mush ( by the end of the week!

S.H.R.E.D. Charlotte – Skaters Helping Realize Excellent Dreams – is a Charlotte Nonprofit Organization that helps families with children suffering from extraordinary medical conditions. Their main event each spring is a custom skateboard art auction, and Cannon has been given two blank skateboard decks to design and donate to the cause – one with “traditional” art, and one with “maker” art. All Cannon students are encouraged to submit a proposal for a design! Design finalists will be chosen by the Upper School Arts department on next week, and you’ll have from January until early April to complete the piece. If you’re interested, email Mush ( to get more info or to submit your design.

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