DEANS DAILY DOWNLOAD 12.16.20 (Science Drop)

“One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone’s survival guide.” -Brene Brown

Schedule this week:


Gossage Cup

            201                    290                          206                       254


No birthdays. 

Bernard Boon demonstrated INTEGRITY when he reached out to a teacher during the fully remote period to insure he was honorably taking an assessment. Way to go, Bernard!

Alivia Calabrase has demonstrated PASSION this year with incredible dedication to her studies and courses.

Bella Edmondson has demonstrated incredible PASSION and leadership skills for Animus house. She has been organized, encouraging and motivated to make this an amazing year despite the challenges 2020 has brought. Bella also helped her advisor make advisory shirts during office hours and after school. Great job!

Zoe Edwards has been fully dedicated to complete her senior year with as much PASSION and commitment to her studies as years prior. Thanks for modeling a love for learning for others in your grade.

The Students Who Care Club met for the first time on “Giving Tuesday”.  We were able to send a $100 donation to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.  If you are passionate about a cause or charity, please join us for our next virtual meeting in January.  Contact Taylor or Hannah Denby for details.  The more students who attend, the more money we can donate to causes that you support!



Your ugliest Christmas sweater to WIN a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD  

  • Submit your sweater by 3:00 TODAY.   
  • Your fellow students will pick the winner!  
  • Nothing inappropriate.  

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