DEANS DAILY DOWNLOAD 12.2.20 (Math Drop)

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” -Marie Forleo

Schedule this week:


Question of the Day


How are you like your mother and how are you like your father? 



Gossage Cup

            72                               83                                   42                          109



Leland Raines

Ksenya Englesby

Riley Shue displayed KINDNESS when he made copies of an assignment to share with his group.

Quentin Clarke showed PASSION for Cannon School and courage in cooking last night when he shared a story about his Thanksgiving pie fiasco.

***Humanitas is hosting Stress Free Friday in Foundation Hall! We will be making snowflakes ❄️ See y’all there!!

***Cougars Fighting Cancer t-shirts order for the 2020-2021 school year!

They are $25 and can be charged to your Cannon account with permission (the last question on the google form). 

Also – thank you to our creative director, Sarah Combs, for the amazing design!

Please have the form filled out by this Friday (December 4th)​ so we can get the t-shirts out to everyone as quickly as possible 🙂


Please welcome Mr. Bill Diskin to Wednesday’s Leadership lunch in Foundation Hall and via Zoom at

He’ll be sharing his wisdom about COMMUNICATION!

Come join Mrs. Miller and a very small group of students and adults on Thursdays for a short guided meditation at the end of Upper School lunch.  (15 minutes). You don’t have to have ever meditated before.

Many people find meditation helps them relax, focus better, and be more present to their lives. You can also join us via Zoom, and are welcome to keep your cameras off to have some space just to listen and not be on screen.

Zoom link:

Our friends at Taylor Glen Retirement Community are organizing a Holiday Parade for the residents on Friday afternoon, December 18. Any student or group interested in decorating a car or float, please reach out to the Activities Director, April Weddington @ Let’s provide some holiday cheer for the residents.




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