ADVISORY AGENDA 5.13.20 (Day 2)

“What we really need is to realize how little we really need.”-Ashleigh Brilliant

Question of the Day: 


What if you had the option to change anything in history or change the future. What would it be and why?


Gossage Cup

379 172 159 149


Giselle Rashid demonstrated COURAGE when she questioned the scoring of a reading quiz with a teacher (RESPECTfully, of course!). Way go to, Giselle!


Mrs. McClanahan

***Brody Schleck has created a t-shirt for the Cannon community with all proceeds going to Healthcare Workers at Atrium Health and Novant Health. Please support Brody, Cannon School and the area healthcare workers by purchasing a t-shirt. You can find the order form here:  Cannon T-shirt Order Form

***Calvin the Cougar & Cannon Kindergartner Remind You:

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”– Mary Radmacher

We are so close to the finish line this school year, keep going & be kind to yourself!  From Your Cannon School Counselors #WellnessWednesday

If you would like to schedule a time to check in with Ms. Hoffman, feel free to set up an appointment :


***Students who are interested in playing any eSports please reach out to Mr. Tran at

***IMPORTANT REMINDER for ALL AP/AT STUDENTS: If you have issues during your test (you become sick, internet goes down, sibling distraction, you receive error messages, submissions fail to upload, etc.), you can fill out an incident/exception form and apply to take the June make-up test. You MUST do that within 48 hours of your May test date. The form can be found HERE. Please refrain from contacting your AP teacher or Mrs. Kulp on exam day – we cannot assist you on exam day and communication with us could jeopardize your opportunity for a make-up test.

More details about make-up requests can be found on slide 44 in the 2020 AP At-Home Testing Guide.  Also, consider reviewing these Troubleshooting Tips prior to your exam(s).

If you have any questions related to your exam(s), please contact Mrs. Kulp PRIOR to your exam date(s).

Hello everyone! If you’re interested in being on the Cannon Upper School Newspaper (CUSP) staff this upcoming school year, please fill out this LINK so that we can communicate with you quickly and easily. We hope to see you on our team for the 2020-2021 school year!

From Drake Griffith and Reilly Kungl and Project Spread Joy connects older adults who may be alone or lonely with young people in their community through the mail or through a lively, engaging, weekly phone call. We are looking for more volunteers every day who would like to be apart of this program. If you would be so kind to post this as follows that would be great. Thanks so much.

Do you need more service hours? Do you need something to put on yourresume for during quarantine? Do you want to do an easy task to give back to the community?

If a yes was given to any of these questions. Reilly Kungl and Drake Griffith have something for you: Project Spread JOY.

Project Spread Joy connects older adults who may be alone or lonely with young people in their community through the mail or through a lively, engaging, weekly phone call.

If you are interested in this program. Come join us and our 47 other volunteers by contacting Reilly and Drake. To contact, please direct message on Instagram.

Special Reminder for AP/AT Students: AP exam takers are excused from all classes on their AP exam days.

Please reach out to Mrs. Kulp with questions.


Virtual 5k and 1 Mile Run/Walk

When: Thursday, May 7 – Sunday, May 24th


  1. Run your 5k or 1 mile any time between the above dates
  2. Post your picture on social media with the “I Went the Distance” banner and #CannonGoesTheDistance
  3. Submit your time, photo, and donation at

Cost: $10 suggested donation with all proceeds going to Atrium Health and Novant Health

Prizes: Anyone who completes the run – regardless of time – and submits a donation will be eligible for one of our prizes from some of our local Cannon-owned businesses! Winners will be announced following the May 24 deadline.

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