ADVISORY AGENDA 5.7.20 (Day 1)

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.”-Zig Ziglar

Question of the Day: 


What happened today/yesterday/this week/this month/this year that I am grateful for?


Gossage Cup

377 165 103 149


Anna Dula demonstrated KINDNESS by inviting Cannon students to a Girl Scouts virtual meeting. Way to keep students connected AND serve the community, Anna!

Caroline Mills is showing COURAGE by going out of her comfort zone to try new hobbies (yes, that’s plural: hobbies) during this time of shelter in place. Kudos to her for experimenting!

Giselle Rashid is showing PASSION by writing short stories in her free time. Anyone who hasn’t read Giselle’s writing–and you can read her story “Darkness Breaking” on page 28 of “The Ink”–keep your eyes open. She is definitely going to be a famous author someday.

Janine Bonilla

Emerson Evans

Madison Kirby

Will Zandhuis

****Honor Sword Recipients

For over 10 years, our Honor Council has been celebrating our students who live a life of honor with a ceremony unique to Cannon, called the Sword Ceremony.  In the past, we’ve invited parents of sword recipients and assembled in a community meeting.  Members of the Honor Council shared their thoughts on the individuals that we were recognizing and celebrating.  As often as we could, we surprised the students.  Due to our quarantine situation, the Honor Council elected to conduct a virtual ceremony.  The Honor Council thought that celebrating these inspiring young people was too important to pass by.  So, while this is not ideal, we wanted to share the thoughts and reasons for their recognition with you.

Please follow this link to see your celebration.


Virtual 5k and 1 Mile Run/Walk

When: Thursday, May 7 – Sunday, May 24th


  1. Run your 5k or 1 mile any time between the above dates
  2. Post your picture on social media with the “I Went the Distance” banner and #CannonGoesTheDistance
  3. Submit your time, photo, and donation at

Cost: $10 suggested donation with all proceeds going to Atrium Health and Novant Health

Prizes: Anyone who completes the run – regardless of time – and submits a donation will be eligible for one of our prizes from some of our local Cannon-owned businesses! Winners will be announced following the May 24 deadline.

***Academic Coaching (ACC) appointments will end for the 2019-20 school year on Friday, May 8. If you would like to make an ACC appointment prior to May 8, please do so HERE.

If you are in need of academic support AFTER May 8, please reach out directly to Mrs. Hurtado or Mrs. Kulp for an individual appointment.

If you are in need of emotional support, please reach directly to Mrs. Hoffman or Mr. Ross for an individual appointment.

Message from Declan Hurley: For my Capstone, I developed a curriculum on public discourse. I was originally going to go to classrooms and hold workshops, but considering the circumstances, I decided to make a three-video YouTube series!

If you are interested in learning how to make better arguments and have more civil, meaningful conversations about public policy, check out this YouTube playlist:

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week is May 4th – May 8th!

The Cannon Connections Teacher/Staff Appreciation Committee has planned the following weeklong celebration of Cannon staff and teachers.

Thursday – Superhero T-shirt

Friday – Virtual Frenzy Friday

We are asking students to join in this weeklong celebration.  Teachers will be asked to wear their Superhero T-shirts on Thursday, May 7 and we encourage students to wear their favorite superhero shirts to advisory and classes that day and to make sure to take pictures!  On Virtual Frenzy Friday, please make sure to give a shout out to your teachers – in class, via email, on social media, etc.  Tell them why you appreciate them and make sure to personalize your message with a picture or video message!


As you review the guide, WRITE DOWN questions you have. Mrs. Kulp will be available in an “open” WebEx Meeting space from 2:00-3:00 PM to field AP-related questions on the following days over the next 2 weeks.  Please see the subject-specific meeting schedule below:

  • Friday, May 1 (TOMORROW!)  –HISTORY
  • Wednesday, May 6SCIENCE
  • Thursday, May 7MATH
  • Friday, May 8WORLD LANGUAGE

If you have any questions prior to your subject-specific Q&A, please reach out directly to Mrs. Kulp.

Are you looking for something to read?  Cannon School library now has access to Sora- an eBook collections with 500 titles- YA fiction, juvenile, graphic novels, drama, biography, and more.

Use the link below to access Sora.  Students may sign in using their Cannon School Google Account.

Cannon Spring Invitational Overwatch Tournament

What: During these unprecedented times, electronic gaming presents an opportunity to unite Cannon School students and give the Cannon community something to support and look forward to.

An eSports tournament hosted by Cannon and powered by LocalLive will stream eSports matches, providing students positive interaction with one another. Students will compete in 6v6 matches within Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment’s award-winning team-based action game, and a flagship title within the global eSports scene. Players select from a roster of over 30 in-game characters known as “heroes,” each with unique strategies and play styles. Each team of six players must work to secure or defend various map-based objectives, using teamwork, strategy, and individual skill to outsmart and overpower the opposing team.

The tournament will be restricted to Upper School teams. We are planning to partner with LocalLive, who will stream and narrate the matches for an online audience. The Cannon Technology team would organize and run the tournament.

Where: Online

When: TBD (Potentially the weekend of May 16-17)

Students who are interested in playing Overwatch or any eSports please reach out to Mr. Tran at

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