ADVISORY AGENDA 4.16.20 (Day 2)

“I never cared about acceptance as much as I cared about respect.” -Jackie Robinson

Gossage Cup

328 120 103 124

Shout out to Josie Thillet for preparing a fun game for the advisory members today. She definitely showed PASSION!!

Chase Hensley and Esther Burlington showed curiosity, friendliness, and COURAGE in engaging Mr. Miller in a conversation before beginning English class.

Jenna Petty shows TEAMWORK every morning during advisory as she gets the ball rolling on whatever discussion we’re having. Way to show leadership!

Gabrielle Edwards

Zoe Edwards

Sarah Little

Jack Mahar


The Peer Support Team Wants to Know,

How are you taking care?

pst; member, Georgia McKay ’21, loves to get outside and ride her bike

Being in nature (and getting the sun’s Vitamin D) & moving are two awesome ways to Take Care!

Send a photo of yourself Taking Care to pst; advisors! or

If you need some encouragement, reach out to members of the Cannon Peer Support Team or The US Counseling Department/ pst; Advisors

AP Students – IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED: Please verify ASAP that you are using a PERSONAL email address to log into your College Board account. If you are using your Cannon email address for your College Board account, you should sign into your College Board account immediately and change your email address to a personalemail address. This is necessary for College Board to deliver direct communications and actual exam(s) to you.

Contact College Board immediately if you are unable to make these changes OR if you are unable to access your College Board account. You may use either contact number below to do so:

AP Services for Students: 1-888-225-5427

College Board Student Account Helpline: 1-866-315-6068

Every Monday from 8:30-9:30 am, ACC will host an “open” meeting opportunity for ANY student wanting drop-in support (quick check-in, questions, virtual space to work, etc.). Students can access the open meeting HERE.

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