ADVISORY AGENDA 4.3.20 (Day 1)

“Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” -Roy T. Bennett

***5 HOUSE POINTS to each Advisory that sends a screenshot of ALL Advisees and Advisor in spirit wear to Dean Zelaya!

Gossage Cup

78 30 0 37

Gabby Holloway displayed KINDNESS as she helped Mrs. Otey get connected with Mrs. Miller’s senior advisory!

Jahnavi Duggal demonstrated KINDNESS when she invited our German exchange student from first trimester to join our advisory meetings in the morning!

Sofia Rooney demonstrated KINDNESS when she played Candyland with her younger sister for three hours!

Carolina Carr, Haley Gullett, Haven Hall, Annie Heisel, Bailey Jones and Jaime Landau has completed their Global Studies project and paper (Capstone). They are to be commended for their PASSION to global studies.

Thank  you to Kendyl Lauher and Sydney Wood for demonstrating TEAMWORK by making videos for Mrs. Reulbach’s math lessons!

Thank you to Meg Crosbie for KINDNESS when she helped a teacher test out a new assessment outside of class time!

Morgan Jeeter and Harshini Gadudasu displayed KINDNESS as they took time out of their Thursday evening to try to help Mrs. Reulbach and Ms. Shanahan experiment with Google Meet as another option for online classes!

Jarvis Moss

Brody Schleck

Click here for Mrs. Otey’s Video #2 4/2/20

***Every Monday from 8:30-9:30 am, ACC will host an “open” meeting opportunity for ANY student wanting drop-in support (quick check-in, questions, virtual space to work, etc.). Students can access the open meeting HERE.

You Are Not Alone:

Cannon Peer Support Team wants to remind you they are here for you!

Need a judgement-free, confidential* person to listen?

E-mail a pst; advisor or member:


2018-19 Peer Support Team Members:

Left to right: Ms. Hoffman, pst; Advisor, Jackson Hammock ’21, Evan Essex ’21, Megan Hnilica ’20, Sara Trufant ’22, Maya Goldsberry ’22, Mr. Ross, pst; Advisor

Second Row: Caroline Josephson ’21, Gabby Holloway ’20, Haven Hall ’20, Chrissy Stamey ’20, Griffin Jones ’20, Georgia McKay ’21

 9th & 10th Graders:

Want to Apply for the 2021 Team?!

Are you a good listener? Do people trust you with their secrets? Are you interested serving Cannon in a quiet leadership role?

The Peer Support Team invites you:

Webex Video Info session for

2021 pst; Members

Monday, April 6   


Watch your email for an Outlook appointment and accept if you want to attend!

This is a required meeting for all applicants; if you cannot attend, please respond to this email Mr. Ross BEFORE the meeting.

Thank you! Ms. Hoffman & Mr. Ross

*Conversations with pst; members are confidential unless there is a health or safety concern; Then, one of the pst; Advisors is consulted: Mrs. Hoffman, US Counselor, or Mr. Ross, US Counseling Coordinator.



⬅️ Next Thursday, 4/9’s schedule


(From Sydney Wood and Hannah Shiffert) This was a part of our “Triumph of the Commons” project in our AP Environmental Science class, in which we had to do a community service project that related to the environment.

We chose to plant a garden in our backyards at home and donate some of the crops to a food bank that otherwise would not get any fresh vegetables. In addition, during this unusual time, we wanted people to know the importance of gardening and how it is beneficial to human health and the environment. We were planning on sharing this flyer with the people in which we donated the crops to, but due to the unprecedented times, that won’t be able to happen. The flyer mentions both the importance of gardening, along with the health benefits of some of the vegetables that we were going to plant.

Hello Students (From Mrs. Hoffman)

I hope that you are doing as well as possible and that you find some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in how you may be feeling, any range or combination of: annoyed, anxious, bored, fine, lonely, sad, mad or glad (or anything else!).

-If you would like to connect, please set up a 15 or 30 minute appointment through this link and I will confirm with a Webex link. Please indicate your preference, call or video.

-Be assured that the office space I have set up at home is in a private area of my house, with a noise cancelling machine outside the door, I use headphones to ensure privacy.

In the meantime, here is some Virtual EncourageMINT! 

 Feel what you feel and try not to stay stuck

Taking a few deep breaths (1-5) can help you feel more in control, reset your nervous system and help reconnect your mind and body

Remember what resources and tools work for you to take care of yourself:

-Physical activity, talking/videoing with friends, being in nature, listening to music, LAUGHING, journaling, expressing yourself creatively: drawing, dancing, singing, playing an instrument, writing, etc., (insert other healthy coping skills here________________).

 Please e-mail me if you would like written, phone or video encouragement.

Academic Coaching at Cannon sessions will resume daily on Friday, April 3 during designated 1:1 meeting times (8:30-9:30 AM or 2:00-3:00 PM). Please continue to use the ACC QR code to sign up for coaching appointments. If you are unable to access the QR code, click HERE for available appointment times.  Remember: you must be logged in to Google with your Cannon email in order to access the appointment calendar.

IF you already had a scheduled appointment for April 3 or later, those appointments are still “on the books”.  You will receive an invite from Mrs. Kulp this week with your updated appointment time.

Please reach out to Mrs. Kulp ( if you have any questions about ACC.

Juniors and Seniors,

Please check your email for a message from your college counselor about signing up for 1:1 appointments. We have each set up Calendly systems for you to make appointments with us. These will be held during the 1:1 meeting times on the new schedule (8:30-9:30 AM / 11:15 AM-12:15 PM / 2:00-3:00 PM). Thank you!



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