ADVISORY AGENDA 3.26.20 (Day 1)

“We don’t even know how strong we are until we are forced to bring that hidden strength forward.” Isabel Allende

Gossage Cup

78 30 0 34

3/14: Emilie Reese

3/15: Hayes Galloway

3/18: Abby Crane

3/21: Lia Easton, Olivia Harper and Tensli Powers

3/22: Harshini Gadudasu, Olivia Olson, Ryan Meeks, Olivia Varghese

3/24: Olivia York and Señora Arriaga-Arango

3/25: Alex Chapman

TODAY: Victoria Schneider 


Meg Crosbie showed PASSION when she got her Advisory set up on Webex!!!

Joseph Levy III demonstrated KINDNESS by rewriting the items students need in the event of distance learning on the whiteboard when another student erased it

Rob Trufant helped to facilitate a Lunch & Learn on The Congressional Award. Thank you Rob for sharing your Passion for and understanding of how to go after this award with our underclassmen.

Courtney Phelps, Meghan Schreck, Alicia Equan, Olivia Wells, Mr. Hatcher, and Ms. Mattsson showed PASSION when they spend part of their break providing feedback to our friends at the Purpose Project.  Thank you so much!!!

***Hello Upper School Students!

As we are navigating this unusual time, we want you to know the IT Department is still available to help you with any of your tech needs.

Since you can’t stop by our office, please send an email so an IT Ticket can be generated and someone can reach out with the help you need as soon as possible. Replies to your ticket will come through your Cannon email.

Thank you!

***Are you interested in being a class representative on next year’s Student Council? Join me on Tuesday, March 31st at 9:15 for an interest meeting. We will discuss timeframes and the format for the election. Speeches will be due by 3 pm on April 3rd. The link to the online meeting is

***All Upper School Students: On Monday, March 23rd you were sent an email from College Counseling requesting you to follow the Cannon School College Counseling blog to receive up-to-date posts related to standardized testing, college admissions, AP exams, etc. Please review this email and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the College Counseling blog here.

April 11th: Home Run Doggie Derby

Bradford Park, Huntersville

All proceeds benefit local pet rescues.

Music, Vendors, Bake Sale, Prizes, Food, Raffle, Photo Booth

More info available.

Hey Everybody!

For my capstone, I am trying to recruit volunteers to help with Special Olympics, this coming spring. Special Olympics has always been an important part of my life; I started to help volunteer when I was in 5th grade with family friends and I have continued to go each year after that. It’s a special experience that I would love to share with our community, so I am looking for 20 volunteers to go with me! We will be going on April 9, which is a half-day. Since we will be missing actual school, we still have expectations for everyone interested in going.

  1. You must be a Junior/Senior

  2. You must have transportation

  3. You must stay with your buddy until the games are over (around 1 pm), whether that be in the Olympic village, eating lunch (volunteers receive a free lunch), or walking around. If your buddy chooses to leave, we will find you another way to help.

  4. Special Olympics has set a strict number of people we may bring, so please don’t sign up if you are worried that you may need to cancel or go out of town. *You must be committed to going!

  5. Remember, this day is special for them, not you!

If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out this form and we will get back to you with a parent permission slip. *You have until March 6 to answer the form.* Please be concise with your answers:


Lia Carnes and Mrs. Weakland

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