ADVISORY AGENDA 1.13.20 (English Drops)

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that one is loved; loved for one’s own self, or rather, loved in spite of one’s self.” -Victor Hugo

Gossage Cup

88 10 91 49

Today: Hannah Rosa

Birthdays celebrated over the break:

1-11: Katie Caplan, Anna Dula, Gaby Phillips, Anna DuMond, Molly Morrison and Charlie Carr

1-10: Steven Lark

1-8: Mr. Davis, Hannah Shiffert and Liam Peterson

1-7: Mr. Scurlock

1-5: Riley Venos

1-4: Meghan Stengel, Zach Kellman and Charlie Titus

1-3: Mary Margaret Ellis and Declan Hurley

1-2: Megyn Diehl

1-1: C.J. Newton and Luke Thomas

12-31: Ms. Harley and Emma Wittgraefe

12-30: Natalie Ray and Eli Mather

12-28: Katherine Calcagno, Holly Springate and Jack Field

12-27: Chrissy Stamey, Jadon Bumgarner and Heath Garven

12-26: Olivia Lee

12-24: Isabella Orth and Deven Dighe

12-23: Jannelle Walker

12-22: AJ Pierce and Marques Walker

12-21: Will Butow

Brie Biddle demonstrated KINDNESS when she personally delivered gifts from classmates to Mrs. Coughlin’s home when she was sick.

Hayes Leatherman and Payton Collins showed KINDNESS as they helped a fellow student jump his car in the student parking lot.

Model UN team members: We will have TRIP MEETINGS for JHUMUNC and NHSMUN TODAY ON OUR FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL. Students going to JHU will meet with Mr. Kmidowski. Students going to New York will meet with Mrs. Shaefer. We will divide up library space. See you for MUNday lunch!!!!

Trouble getting or staying organized?  Difficulty managing your time? Need an accountability partner to help keep your goals on track? Looking for some fresh work or study space scenery? Absences or early dismissals got you feeling behind? How can Academic Coaching at Cannon (ACC) help you push to a strong finish for Trimester 1?

Sign up for an academic coaching session (Room 606) – time slots are available this week! Our Academic Coaching team (Mrs. Weakland, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Hatcher, Mrs. Calles, and Mrs. Mattsson) are ready to support YOU in the way YOU choose!  YOU decide date and time of appointment, frequency of appointments (3x is recommended!), length of appointment, and the content of appointment.

Use the ACADEMIC COACHING QR CODES posted throughout the building and outside teachers’ classrooms to secure an appointment with one of our AWESOME Academic Coaches!

What: Lunch & Learn on Gap Year Experiences presented by Cannon College Counseling and Rustic Pathways

When:  January 23rd 11:15 a.m.

Where: The Cube

Who: All Upper School Students interested in adventure, service, travel, and career exploration!

Spend your lunch in The Cube learning about how to plan a Gap Year; timing, options,

implementation, and costs will be discussed as well as how a Gap Year is truly viewed by colleges.

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