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Humanitas Shield 2

Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2





Heidi Coppa

Mr. Arthur demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS when he offered to cover a colleague’s class when she had to leave early for a dentist appointment. Thank you, Mr. Arthur!

Constantin Dornberg, Thomas Fromke, Abhi Gadudasu, Logan Gray, Connor Hynes, Meghan McClanahan, Zoe Smith, and Mallory Vance showed PASSION by spending their day off learning the job search skills needed to pursue a summer job or internship!

Lauren Skolaris and Frances Bragg demonstrated KINDNESS when they comforted a friend who was having a tough day.

Emma-Kate Bentley-Gottel showed RESPECT when she took responsibility for an accident she caused.

Anna Edwards showed RESPECT for our school by sweeping up food that was spilled and left in the junior hallway during lunch. Thank you Anna!

Freshman: Please bring your charged laptop to New Student Seminar on Wednesday, Nov. 1st for your session with college counseling.

If any Advisories are interested in buying a yearbook ad, please contact for more information regarding pricing, size etc. If  you split the cost of an ad between your whole advisory, it ends up being really affordable! Thank you, The Yearbook Staff

Lost and Found: If you are missing some items, check out the small hallway near the elevator in the World Languages hallway.  Items will be given away after Halloween.


Check out The Cannon Upper School Paper –  online! 
Visit to read about what’s going on at Cannon, in the community, and around the world.  
October articles are currently being published! Read Kate Frankenberg’s article about the importance of Model U.N., Clara Kinken’s report on Maggie Scurlock’s magical homecoming, and Maddie Woods’ editorial on the value of a global education.
Interested in joining The CUSP? Email us, at

October 31st 11:15- Noon, Private Dining Room Rustic Pathways  will be on Campus!   Come learn about Rustic Pathways travel and service programs and hear from Cannon students who have been a part of Rustic’s programs.

 10-12th grades:

College Admission Representatives Visiting Cannon School: Visits are open to current seniors, juniors and sophomores.  Students should register to attend on their Family Connection site and must request permission from the teacher of the class they will me be missing before attending.

Visits are open to current seniors, juniors and sophomores.  Students should register to attend on their Family Connection site and must request permission from the teacher of the class they will me be missing before attending.

October 31st

Lynchburg College– Private, Small City, Lynchburg, VA, 2100 Undergrads. Offering 51 areas of study including the in-demand and hard to find majors. The school markets a tight knit student body where all students live on campus until senior year and the newly renovated student center.

Catawba College – Private, Small Town, Salisbury, NC 1300 Undergrads. Offering over 70 fields of study including a distinctive majors in Music Business and Theater Arts Education. Their Academy for Teaching offers generous scholarships to prospective teachers with no repayment stipulation.  Also known for having one of the best college theaters in the country.

 November 1st:

Miami University – Public, Small Town, Ohio, 16000 Undergrads. Offers 120 majors including a number of programs that focus on global markets.  Also home to a China Business Program which offers hands-on experience overseas, language study and business coursework.  Miami has a strong Greek community with over 40 fraternities and sororities on campus.

Merrimack College– Private, Suburban, North Andover, MA, 3200 Undergrads A private college in the Roman Catholic, Augustinian tradition located 25 minutes outside of Boston.  It offers a strong co-op work program, small class sizes and 90 plus academic programs.

November 6th:

Columbia University: Private, Large City, NYC, NY, 8000 Undergrads

November 8th:

Wittenberg University – Private, Small City, Ohio, 1950 Undergrads The liberal arts university is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Students of all faiths are encouraged to participate in services. In addition to a full array of majors, the school offers cooperative programs with other US schools including: Case Western, Columbia, Washington University & Duke.

November 9th:

Ringling College of Art & Design– Private,  (urban) Sarasota, FL, 1200 undergrads

A noted innovative visual arts college with a highly acclaimed computer animation program.  Also lauded as “the Most Wired Campus in the US” by Us News & World Report.

 November 14th:

Lynn University– Private, Large Town, Florida, 2000 Undergrads. Just three miles from the beach, the school offers career-focused majors that help you build your resume before you graduate.  Consistently ranked as one of the top five most international universities in the US.

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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