“Good leaders don’t make excuses. Instead, they figure out a way to get it done.” – Jocko Willink

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Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2





Mattéa Williams

John Besh pointed out an error that a teacher made when grading his quiz that resulted in him earning more credit than he should have.

Thanks to Reed Fisk for showing KINDNESS by returning a cart to Mrs. Howard for Ms. Mann! You’re so nice, Reed!

Many thanks to Lucas Kabasakalian for showing KINDNESS by holding the door open for Ms. Mann while she was carrying heavy boxes!

Mr. Segura and Ms. Mann would like to thank Will Carey, Matthew Godino, Elena Jacoby, Henry Koehler, Michael Kungl,  Sam McDermott, Cameron Ray  ,  Leah Shaw, Mudi Tokunboh, Carrie Underwood,  and John Ventura for showing amazing TEAMWORK on the Boston Colleges Trip. We really enjoyed traveling with you all!

Andrea Moore demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS by delivering packages to the Upper School. Thanks Andrea!

Gracias Molly Morrison, for taking initiative in class while the teacher was home sick and sharing your knowledge with classmates.

Rachel Parks picked up trash that was left behind in the senior lounge.

Ashley Phelps showed passion when she read the part of Fire Chief Beatty in class so well.

Dominique helped a freshman navigate Power School Learning.

Osahon Tokunboh showed his PASSION for learning by sharing his experiences at NC Governor’s School at the lunch & learn. Thank you, Osahon!

Model UN will have a final meeting on TODAY during lunch in the Library Annex to prepare for this weekend’s CHARMUN conference! If you are going to CHARMUN you are expected to be there! You should already have made progress on your position papers. Please see Mrs. Shaefer or the Model UN Executive Team if you have any questions before the meeting.

10/27: Cougars On-Site Workshop for Juniors. Open to students in the Class of 2019 who are interested in finding a job or internship.  Topics covered include: Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Interviewing Skills and Networking.  This is an optional workshop presented from 9 – 2 during a school break.  A more in-depth course which will  allow students to complete a resume and cover letter, participate in a mock interview and etiquette lunch, and develop a networking contact list will be offered through the Winterm program.  Juniors who cannot take the Winterm course and are interested in the 10/27 COS Workshop must register by emailing Kristin McClanahan at  Space is limited.

Juniors:  The representative from Balfour will be on campus during lunch on September 28th.  If you are interested in ordering a Class Ring, please plan to come to the presentation in Foundation Hall at 11:15 a.m.  You will see the available rings, receive a brochure and learn about the ordering process.

Dear Upper School Students,

As all of you know, Hurricane Harvey has caused horrific damage in Texas. Student Council has organized a fundraiser to contribute to Organization Compassion, a charity that sends semi-trucks full of goods and supplies out to Houston and the surrounding area for relief. Our goal is to raise $1,000 per grade and if your grade reaches the goal, you will be rewarded two dress down days. This fundraising campaign will run through September 22nd. Your grade representatives will come by your advisories to collect your donations. Please don’t hesitate to ask your student council representatives if you have any questions.

10-12th grades:

College Admission Representatives Visiting Cannon School: Visits are open to current seniors, juniors and sophomores.  Students should register to attend on their Family Connection site and must request permission from the teacher of the class they will me be missing before attending.
Washington College                         9/21/17 10:40 AM
Georgia College                                9/21/17 1:25 PM
Tulane University                             9/21/17 1:25 PM
The Ohio State University                9/25/17 9:10 AM
Stetson University                            9/25/17 10:40 AM
Villanova University                         9/25/17 2:25 PM
Tufts University                                9/26/17 8:40 AM
College of William and Mary           9/26/17 2:25 PM
Belmont University                          9/27/17 9:40 AM
Charleston Southern University      9/27/17 12:25 PM
Emerson College                              9/27/17 12:25 PM
Roanoke College                              9/27/17 1:25 PM
Colgate University                            9/27/17 2:25 PM
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute     9/27/17 2:25 PM
Southern Methodist University       9/28/17 8:40 AM
Wheaton College IL                          9/28/17 8:40 AM
Vanderbilt University                       9/28/17 12:25 PM
Vassar College                                  9/28/17 2:25 PM
University of Tennessee, Knoxville  9/29/17 9:10 AM
American University                        9/29/17 2:25 PM
Furman University                           10/2/17 10:40 AM
Nova Southeastern University         10/2/17 10:40 AM
Bates College                                    10/2/17 2:25 PM
Birmingham-Southern College        10/2/17 2:25 PM
Mercer University                            10/3/17 8:40 AM
UNC Asheville                                  10/3/17 8:40 AM
Denison University                           10/3/17 9:40 AM
High Point University                       10/3/17 9:40 AM
Agnes Scott College                         10/3/17 2:25 PM
Colby College                                   10/4/17 8:40 AM
Rollins College                                  10/4/17 8:40 AM
Northeastern University                  10/4/17 9:40 AM
Salem College                                   10/4/17 9:40 AM
Emory University                             10/4/17 10:40 AM
University of Southern California    10/4/17 10:40 AM
Princeton University                        10/4/17 1:25 PM
Warren Wilson College                    10/4/17 1:25 PM
Presbyterian College                        10/4/17 2:25 PM
Virginia Tech                                     10/4/17 2:25 PM
Fordham University                         10/5/17 9:40 AM
Oglethorpe University                     10/5/17 10:40 AM
University of California, Berkeley    10/5/17 2:25 PM
Elon University                                 10/5/17 2:25 PM
Hendrix College                                10/10/17 10:40 AM
UNC Greensboro                              10/10/17 10:40 AM
Brown University                             10/10/17 2:25 PM
Carleton College                              10/10/17 2:25 PM
University of Notre Dame                10/11/17 11:50 AM
Johns Hopkins University                 10/12/17 9:10 AM
Queens University of Charlotte       10/12/17 10:40 AM
Boston College                                 10/12/17 2:25 PM
College of Charleston                      10/12/17 2:25 PM
Fairfield University                           10/13/17 10:40 AM
University of Rochester                   10/13/17 10:40 AM
Samford University                          10/13/17 1:25 PM
Barnard College                               10/13/17 2:25 PM
Hollins University                             10/16/17 12:25 PM
Worcester Polytechnic Institute      10/16/17 1:25 PM
Appalachian State University          10/16/17 2:25 PM
St. Andrews University                    10/16/17 2:25 PM
Lafayette College                             10/17/17 8:40 AM
Wofford College                               10/17/17 8:40 AM
Georgia Southern University           10/17/17 9:40 AM
Berry College                                    10/17/17 1:25 PM
University of Chicago                       10/17/17 2:25 PM
University of Richmond                   10/17/17 2:25 PM
Haverford College                            10/19/17 9:15 AM
Northwestern University                 10/19/17 9:15 AM
Auburn University                            10/20/17 2:25 PM
Washington University in St. Louis  10/20/17 2:25 PM
Embry-Riddle – Daytona Beach        10/23/17 1:25 PM
Baylor University                              10/23/17 2:25 PM
Sewanee                                           10/25/17 8:40 AM
Rhodes College                                10/25/17 12:25 PM
Hofstra University                            10/30/17 10:40 AM
Catawba College                              10/30/17 2:25 PM
St. Lawrence University                   10/30/17 2:25 PM
Lynchburg College                            10/31/17 2:25 PM
Miami University, Oxford                 11/1/17 10:40 AM
Merrimack College                           11/1/17 2:25 PM
Wittenberg University                     11/8/17 9:40 AM
Ringling College of Art and Design   11/8/17 2:25 PM
Lynn University                                11/14/17 8:40 AM

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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