“Passion will keep you going when the going gets tough.” – David Copperfield

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Humanitas Shield 2

Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2





Zachary Venos, Alex Cox, & Dasha Duncan


Congratulations to the Cannon School Dancers who showed PASSION when they received elite high gold recognition at Star Systems Regional Talent Competition on February 12 2017. The also took 1st place in the Teen Open Shooting Star Division. The dancers from the upper school class traveled to Albemarle, NC to compete against other dance companies in North and South Carolina and performed an open style routine. The team consists of Kailey Baez, Gillian Ventura, Noelle Nieske, Symone Walker, and Abby Jo McLuaghlin. Great job dancers!

John Luke Godino demonstrated KINDNESS when he offered to find out who had left his hoodie in a classroom and returned it to him. Thanks, John Luke!

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JUNIORS:  Student Life on Thursday, February 23 with College Counseling & Dean Team.  PREPARING YOUR STORY will be our theme.  Please complete the interest inventories on Family Connection by noon on Feb 23 (Strength Finders, Career Interest Inventory, Do What You Are can all be found under the “about me” tab).  BRING YOUR LAPTOPS!!

Animus (Dunn & Mattson advisory) meet in Mrs. Mattson’s room – Segura

Humanitas (Herder & Eury advisory) meet in Math Classroom 504 – McClanahan

Impetus (Ruddy and Reulbach advisory) meet in Math Classroom 503 – Mann

Integritas (West and Huffman advisory) meet in College Counseling Room 616 – Shandley

Do you live a life of Honor?  The Honor Council election is on 3/2!  If you are interested in serving on the Honor Council, please submit a speech to Dean Booker by Monday February 27th at 3:05pm.  You must agree to serve a 2 year term unless you are a Senior.  There will be 1 open seat for rising 10th graders, 1 for rising 11th graders, and 3 open seats for rising 12th graders.


On Tuesday, February 28 Cannon US students will have the opportunity to hear nationally-known author and speaker, Julie Lythcott-Haims.
Julie Lythcott-Haims served as dean of freshmen and undergraduate advising at Stanford University. She has spoken and written widely on the phenomenon of helicopter parenting, and her work has appeared on TEDx talks and in The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Julie holds a BA from Stanford University and a JD from Harvard Law School, and is pursuing an MFA in writing from California College of the Arts.

Do you want to learn how to salsa dance, eat yummy food, and earn extra credit in your Spanish class? Then come on TODAY to the dance studio (in the blue gym) during lunch where the Cannon dance team will be hosting salsa lessons taught by Mrs. Allgood!! Everyone is welcome and no partners are required!! Wear comfortable shoes and clothes and join us for lots of fun!!

img_0115Camp sessions for US students! Camp Cannon has a large selection of camps for US students that include topics such as: programming, writing, improvisation, service, photography, orchestra, and wrestling camps. Additionally, there are educational opportunities that include: SAT and ACT Prep courses, essay writing, Spanish, algebra, interview skills, and study skills. Be sure to pick up a camp brochure in the US office. Registration opens on March 1st.

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: College Representatives coming to Cannon.  Please sign up on Family Connections to attend a session in Room 616.

2/23/17The University of Alabama

March 8: UNC Charlotte

March 9: UNC Greensboro

March 13: University of Tampa

March 28: Salem College

3/29/17: University of South CarolinaFurman University




About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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