“Every time we start a new project, we always ask ourselves the same question: What can we do better and different?” – Ricardo Guadalupe

2nd Quarter House Standings

Humanitas Shield 2

Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2






Kat LeClair demonstrated PASSION by leading a lunchtime Cougars Talk today on HIV/AIDS awareness.  Thanks, Kat!

Alec Easton, Sara Serulneck, Ayesha Syed, and Danielle Phillips all demonstrated COURAGE and PASSION during the Spectrum sponsored Interfaith Panel Discussion.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and ideas with our community. 

Kailey Kirchmeyer-Baez, Cade Lewis, and Abby Redding showed amazing TEAMWORK when they together to make our school a better place!  Thank you for not only taking out the recycling but picking up lunch trays throughout the upper school.

Gabe Szilagyi showed KINDNESS and RESPECT when he cleaned up my whole room after the people in the afternoon left my room a mess. I really appreciated his hard work!! Thank you so much!

Taylor Lumpkins demonstrated COURAGE when she handled a difficult situation bravely and maturely. 

Mimi Wahid demonstrated PASSION for diversity work and facilitated a fabulous Interfaith Panel Discussion for our students today. 

Mr. Dunn’s English 4 students demonstrated amazing COURAGE to share their PASSIONS in front of a live audience.

Emily Cleveland demonstrated INTEGRITY when she contacted a teacher when she missed class to find out the make up work, then sought out that teacher of her own accord upon her return in order to show that she can completed the work she missed.  Way to go, Emily!

Nathan Smith demonstrated INTEGRITY when he brought a parking pass dropped by a fellow student to that student’s advisor to return to her.  Way to go, Nathan!

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SENIORS: Important reminder about college applications. The deadline for requesting transcripts for Jan 1-13 deadlines for college or scholarship deadlines is WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2016 AT 3:00PM. The college counselors want to send all documents before the winter break. They will be unavailable to receive your requests during the two week break. Please plan accordingly. Of course, connect with your college counselor if you have any questions about this deadline.

caution_high_noise_area tripping

Students: Please be mindful of noise levels in the hallways while classes are in session.  And make sure you are moving limbs when other humans are moving through the hallways.

NewGen PeacebuildersSM is a global youth peace education program that emphasizes the role, value and impact of young people (ages 14-24) in achieving a peaceful world. Anyone interested in learning more about a great opportunity for Cannon students is invited to Room 509 during Student Choice TODAY to get more information from our guest speaker.  See website: for more information or see Dean Zelaya.  

This week, Spectrum is hosting a series of enlightening events in celebration
of Diversity Week!
Every day, there will be a new event to help promote awareness and appreciation of diversity.
All events will be held in Foundation Hall.

Friday After School:
We will be showing the documentary
13TH at 3:15! This an excellent, critically acclaimed documentary about race and the United States’ criminal justice system. Watch a trailer here: 
Pizza will be served

Project Wrap-In is Coming on December 7th, 2015!

Each student is asked to bring in one new, unused gift ($5- $15) to store in homeroom the week of December 7. Students in grades 9th-12th may instead buy a gift for a young child of any age with their own gender in mind if they would like; however, keep in mind that children benefiting from this outreach opportunity may also be teens.) Additionally, students are asked to bring wrapping materials like wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, bows, etc.

Our hope for all students is:

  • Bring in one present ($5-$15).

    • Contribute wrapping paper and/or other wrapping supplies.
    • Bring a giving and positive attitude.
    •  Have fun!We are looking forward to making a difference in the lives of many children!

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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