“Growth and comfort never coexist.” – Ginni Rometty

House Games Standings

Humanitas Shield 2

Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2






Amy Clark, Peyton Skill, Toni Baer & Amelia Wyatt

Grayson Herrera & Tyler Chase showed INTEGRITY when they cleaned up the messy sophomore eating area in the quad.  

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Today is MIX IT UP DAY! Mix it Up day was created in 2002 to “encourage students to break down social barriers by sitting and interacting with someone new for just one day.” Cannon will be celebrating by giving each upper school member a sticker in advisory. Around the school, students and teachers will have the same stickers, and everyone is encouraged to talk to people with the same sticker by trying to introduce themselves and/or sit with this group at lunch.

On Friday, Nov. 4 during lunch, stop by the table set up outside the lunchroom to meet with a representative from Oxbridge Academic Programs. Oxbridge offers students the opportunity to spend the summer in one of 10 locations across Europe and the United States. Students select from over 180 subjects such as Medicine, Law, Engineering, Drama, Photography and Fashion, in cities like Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and more. Stop by to pick up a brochure and learn more about this amazing summer study abroad opportunity.

Halloween is coming up quickly, and House Animus wants to make sure that our armed forces can get some treats too. The House is teaming up with Operation Gratitude in their Candy Buyback program  to collect any leftover candy you may have from Halloween (including chocolate, but no Pixy Stix please) and unused dental hygiene products. There will be collection boxes at the front and back entrances to the school  for everyone and one for teachers in the teacher workroom. All donations will be accepted until November 11 (Veterans Day). If you have any questions, please email (Animus Service Prefect) or (Animus Head Girl). Thank you for your support!!

November 1st–                                                                                                                             The American University of Paris – Private, Paris, France, 1000 undergraduates

A successful experiment in international, interdisciplinary education.  The school brings together the American university model with cultural, social & professional opportunities of Paris.

Bridgewater CollegePrivate, Small Town, Virginia, 1800 Undergrads.

Students at Bridgewater College collaborate with faculty to create personalized learning experiences.  Grounded in liberal arts, students learn a variety of disciplines on a 4-1-4 based academic calendar.

Bryant UniversityPrivate, Small Town, Rhode Island, 3300 Undergrads.

Most popular majors include Business, International Business, Accounting & Communication.  Half of the students study abroad.  The university offers more than 100 student organizations and Greek life.

November 4th:

Ohio Wesleyan University Private, Small Town, Ohio, 1700 Undergrads.

A private liberal arts school affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  Nearly one third of its students declare at least two majors, which is one of the highest percentages of multiple majors in the country. Engineering majors can partake in the school’s 3-2 program, in which students spend three years at Wesleyan and two in an engineering program.

 Florida Institute of Technology- Private, Large Town, Florida, 3600 Undergrads.

Near the Atlantic coast and the Kennedy Space Center and NASA shuttle launches, Florida Tech offers strong academic programs in the fields of science, engineering, aeronautics and business. Undergraduate students who major in engineering or science are required to complete a culminating research project, which are displayed at an annual show case.

November 9th:

UNC- Greensboro– Public, large town, NC, 15,300 undergrads

100 areas of study and 200 student organizations.  A scenic campus with prominent research initiatives such as Gateway University Research Park and Joint School of Nanoscience & Nanoengineering.

November 11th:

Lynn University – Private, Large Town, Florida, 2000 Undergrads

Just three miles from the beach, the school offers career-focused majors that help you build your resume before you graduate.  Consistently ranked as one of the top five most international universities in the US.


November 14th:

Stetson University – Private, Small Town, Florida, 3000 students, Div. 1 Athletics


November 16th:

Ringling College of Art & Design– Private,  (urban) Sarasota, FL, 1200 undergrads

A noted innovative visual arts college with a highly acclaimed computer animation program.  Also lauded as “the Most Wired Campus in the US” by Us News & World Report.




November 17th:

MCPHS – Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences – Private, Large City/Boston, Massachusetts, 3900 Undergrads

Training professionals for the healthcare industry with over 108 health science programs to choose from. The school has prepared more students for professional careers in pharmacy than any other academic institution in the world.


November 28th:

Savannah College of Art and Design – Private, City, Georgia, 9700 Undergrads

Located in the heart of Savannah, SCAD exists to prepare talented arts students for professional careers. SCAD also has a location in Hong Kong.

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Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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