“I’d rather hire somebody who’s maybe not a genius, but they will dig in on any assignment. I’d rather have resilience than almost any other quality.” – Anthony Fox


House Standings

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Davis Nelson showed teamwork when he helped a fellow student with a question about statistics.

Bryce Estes and Kevin King showed INTEGRITY when they spoke to the 8th grade about expectation in the Upper School.

Reed Fisk showed KINDNESS when he offered to help carry some furniture to a car.

Zion Hendrix displayed great KINDNESS when he cleaned up the mess that another student left behind in the cafeteria.

Thank you Danny Kungl for taking the initiative to help the teacher in a time of need. Thank you for jumping in and assisting me. Awesome job!

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Please remember to send in your FRESH FACE SELFIE for the No-Make Up day by Wednesday of next week (March 16th). They need to have a black and white filter and it needs to be a high quality picture! please send it to

Celebrate Self-Care Week with EMPOWER! Club Every Day during Lunch: 

Stop the Toxic Self-Talk Tuesday featuring positive messages posted around the Upper School.

Wind-Down Wednesday featuring Mediation 101 with Claudia Galup, Certified Meditation Specialist, US Library Annex

Therapy Dog Thursday featuring Wynn the Therapy dog, The Gazebo

Fresh-Face Friday featuring No-Make Up Day Gallery Crawl in the US Library Annex

EVERYONE:  please remember that t-shirts must be plain or Cannon only.

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Prepared. Confident. Hired. Interview preparation expert, Ericka Spradley, will introduce students to resume writing, interviewing skills, and the hiring process this summer during her week-long camp. This is an ideal camp for students who want to prepare for college and/or job interviews. Students will build self-awareness and confidence in this camp that runs July 11-15 from 1 -4 p.m. More details at 

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