“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” ― George R.R. Martin

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Affinity groups are starting! TODAY during Student Choice we will be meeting in the following locations: Multiracial Group – 616, Black/African American Group – Ms Harley’s Room, Hispanic/Latino/a – Ms Baez’s room.

Juniors and Seniors!
RHO KAPPA Social Studies Honor Society is the only national organization for high school juniors and seniors that recognizes excellence in the field of Social Studies. RHO KAPPA provides national recognition and opportunities for exploration in the social studies.

The mission and purpose of this organization is:
* to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies in secondary school environments and the community.

* to provide through its local chapters opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.

* to encourage interest in, understanding of, and appreciation for the social studies.

Candidates for membership should:
Have been in attendance at the school in which the chapter resides for the equivalent of one semester prior to being considered.
Have completed four semesters of courses in the field of social studies and be prepared to complete at least six semesters. The minimum grade point average for these courses is a weighted 3.67 or the numerical equivalent.
Have an overall cumulative unweighted GPA of 3.5 or the numerical equivalent.
Have a proven track record of interest and participation in service-related activities.
Demonstrate character and classroom behavior commensurate with membership in a social studies honor society, including a positive attitude and classroom participation, and a respect for the people of history.

If you meet the requirements above and wish to apply for Rho Kappa membership, please contact Ms. Eury ( or Mrs. Huffman ( by Friday 19 February to request an application. Applications are due on Wednesday 24 February by 3 pm.

If you are interested in being on the Cannon Upper School Paper’s Managing Board for the 2016-2017 school year, please email Positions include Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Operations Manager, and Assistant Managing Editor. Please express your interest by TODAY at 3 pm in an email to with your name, grade, and the position you are interested in. Thanks!

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Attention all students and teachers: There will in fact be school on Friday – A School For Scandal, that is! Don’t let the long weekend keep you away from the incredible work your peers are doing on stage and off in this show. Come Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night at 7:00pm to experience tour de force comedic performances by CTC veterans and newcomers alike, along with an array of video sequences and projections featuring surprise cameos from familiar faces. Tickets are free for all Cannon students and employees, and no reservations are required. We look forward to seeing you there!

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