I see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m going hard. – Cam Newton


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Michael Baker

Members of the Peer Support Team (pst): Rebecca Akat, Morgan Batley, Trey Fiscus, Rachel Harris, Ansley Martin Sarah Miner, Steven McDermott, Zac Olguin and Lexi Sisko showed TEAMWORK and COURAGE in speaking with 5th & 6th Graders about Respect

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Today during lunch, Spectrum will be hosting a Lunch and Learn with Professor Shakur on “The History of Black History Month. Please come participate in this great opportunity to learn more about Black History Month! Refreshments will be served.

Professor Shakur is the founder of the African Diaspora in Charlotte and the Director of Development for the International Museum of Muslim Cultures. He is an incredible writer, historian, and lecturer, and teaches about the culture and history of people of African descent.

Reminder – Free breakfast if your full advisory attends the Summer opportunities/GAP year fair Monday during lunch in the CPAC.  

In support of the Carolina Panthers playing in the “the big game” on Sunday please feel free to wear Panthers shirts/jerseys and jeans on Friday.  Go Panthers!

If you are interested in being on the Cannon Upper School Paper’s Managing Board for the 2016-2017 school year, please email Positions include Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Operations Manager, and Assistant Managing Editor. Please express your interest by this Friday (2/5) at 3 pm in an email to with your name, grade, and the position you are interested in. Thanks!

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Do you have Cannon Theater Company’s “A School For Scandal” on your calendar for next week Thursday, Friday, or Saturday (Feb 11-13) at 7:00pm? Come join us for an evening of eavesdropping, backbiting, hiding under furniture, binge-shopping, golf club-hurling, and other unadvisable behavior as we tell the story of the Surface brothers, two young men who aren’t at all what they seem to be on the… yeah you get it. Tickets will be available at the door and will be free for Cannon students and employees, $10 for other adults, and $5 for non-Cannon students. Bring family, bring friends – this is a story about all of us!

Ever wonder what the spoon at the top of your plate is used for? Ever feel awkward when you have to introduce yourself to someone new? Then the new Etiquette: Everything You Wanted to Know but Where Afraid to Ask” is perfect for you. Mrs. Donna Foard Knorr, a Certified Etiquette Consultant, will prepare students who might be interviewing over a meal for a job or college, attending a more formal meal or event with parents, or just want to learn more about proper etiquette such as: introductions, conversation skills, correspondence and communication etiquette, and presenting and marketing oneself. Classes will be held during US lunch 11:15-12:00 on 5 dates: 3/1, 3/3, 3/8, 30/10, and 3/15. The class cost is $75. Meals will be charged separately and are fixed to coordinate with the lessons; special dietary needs can be addressed. Registration is online at the Beyond The Bell page. 

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