“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most people dread it.”— George Bernard Shaw


House Standings

Humanitas Shield 2 Humanitas Shield 2





Lindsey Turbyfill

Dylan Grupinski and Zac Venos continue to show incredible PASSION and KINDNESS through their mentoring 5th and 6th grade wrestlers. Thanks Guys!

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Students: The pictures above reflect a unacceptable level of messiness at the end of the day.  INTEGRITY and RESPECT are two very important Core Values.  When we look at the school at the end of the day, these do not seem visible.   Warning: If the random papers, empty drink bottles, discarded wrappers, and leftover food items continue to appear, we will cease to allow food and drink bottles in the Upper School hallways and Common spaces and disable the vending machines.   We will examine the school TODAY and TOMORROW after school to evaluate your choices.  Our sincere hope is that you reflect on our values and take responsibility for making our school look nice.  

Sophomores will be meeting with college counseling during SL. Please report to the following locations.
House Animus – Ms Mattson’s Room
House Humanitas – Library Annex
House Integritas – Room 616
House Impetus – Ms Reulbach’s Room

Faculty & Students:  We need YOUR help in keeping the Student Academic Center in room 610 an organized learning space.  If you or your group hosts meetings in this area before school, during lunch, or after school, please return chairs and tables to their original locations and clean up your trash before you leave.  Your cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

Students, please make sure you respond to Mrs. Hoffman’s Career Interest survey ASAP. Contact her if you have any questions.

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