““A philosophy of life: I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure.”— Paulo Coelho


House Standings

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Happy Birthday:

Core Values

Brian McKinsey showed respect by picking up trash in the sophomore hall way after the halls were cleared on Friday afternoon.

Andrew Aldous showed KINDNESS when he took it upon himself to straighten up the classroom after a physics lab.

Catherine Ginns showed KINDNESS when she volunteered to help another student catch up on a lab that was missed due to an early dismissal.

Carli Gordon demonstrated KINDNESS when she brought in donuts for her entire advisory. Thanks, Carli!

Clay Maguire showed KINDNESS when he bought stamps for the whole class that was working on a global postcard project.

Dalton Phillips showed TEAMWORK when he helped the teacher with Mac Book and projector issues, so the class could follow lesson on Smartboard.

Public Proclamations:

Freshmen: If you are interested in serving as the intern with the Honor Council, email Ms. Lineberger or Dean Booker.  Applications are due on Friday 8/28 at 3:15pm.

Sophomores: Break in your boots and earn House Points! Wear your boots every Friday for the next three weeks before the Outward Bound Class Trip!

US Students: The Academic Center is now open in Room 610. This 100% quiet space is used for making up a missed test or quiz and for personal general study time. The Academic center is proctored every block on Day 1, 2, and 3. Please know that in order to be admitted for the block, you must arrive in the first 5 minutes of a block time. If you do so later that you will not be allowed to enter. This minimizes the number of interruptions for those in the Academic center due to the opening and closing of the door. Do not enter or use the Academic center without a proctor present.

Anyone interested in serving in an officer position in the History Club please attend a meeting during student choice on Friday 28 August in Mrs. Huffman’s room. ALL POSITIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN. Questions? Email or see Mrs. Huffman.

Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores:  College Admission Representatives begin visiting Cannon School on September 2nd!  Please sign-up to attend sessions by registering on Family Connections.  Remember you must get teacher permission prior to signing-up.  If you need assistance with Family Connections or Signing–Up for a session please contact your college counselor.  For a complete list of who will be visiting Cannon this fall visit the Family Connections site – it is updated daily!!

Upcoming Visits:

September 2nd:             Berry College; Gettysburg College; Lafayette College

September 8th:             Univ. of Alabama; Villanova Univ.; Univ. of Rochester

September 14th:           Christopher Newport Univ.; Vanderbilt Univ.

Need some helpful advice from Cannon’s US Learning Specialist on best-practices for successful learning? Mrs. Hurtado is offering a brand new Beyond the Bell class, Habits for Successful Learning, for students ages 14-17. Students learn and actively engage in study and organizational strategies that help maximize their learning while in class and when studying outside of class. The class runs for 8 weeks, from 9/1 through 10/20 on Tuesdays from 3 to 4 p.m.; cost is $128. Registration is available on the BTB website on the Cannon website.

Register Early! The Princeton Review SAT Prep course includes a scored pre and post-test, and 18 hours of instruction. The course runs from 10/17 through 11/21. See the SAT page on the Cannon website for the complete list of dates and times. The Fall course is geared toward the current SAT test, so students taking the course should be prepared to take the SAT test on either 12/5 or 1/23. For questions, contact Mrs. Brashear at

Any student interested in leading a club this year must fill out the CLUB REGISTRATION FORM on the US Clubs page on Haiku, or by using this link:

All forms are due by Thursday, 8/27 at 3pm.  Please see or email Dean Zelaya ( if you have any questions.  


If you’re thinking, “I’m interested in auditioning for Cannon Theater
Company but I’m not sure about (fill in the blank)”, just send an email to
Mr. Mac with your question, or ask someone you know who does theater here!
Auditions start this Thursday and Friday, and will continue next week
Monday and Tuesday. To sign up for a half-hour time slot, just visit, where you can also find a pdf of audition
materials to print, prepare, and bring with you. Or hard copies of
audition materials can also be found by the CTC board.

Note: These auditions are only for those interested in acting in the
plays. For all those interested in doing tech work for the plays, more
information on that will be coming once the plays are cast.

Service Opportunity of the Week: United Way is having their annual Day of Caring on September 12th with our kickoff at The Cove Church in Mooresville at 8:00am.  There will be a lot of excitement.  Live radio station coverage, superhero’s, police cars, food and a hip hop dance routine by Lem Houston.  Volunteers will come to the registration table upon arrival and receive their assigned project site and get their t-shirts.  At approximately 8:45am all volunteers will disperse to their project site assigned to them.

Underclassmen:  Dreading the long walk to your parked car this fall? Interested in parking in a prime spot close to the US building this semester? If you would like to bid on a special senior parking spot this semester, please email Mrs. Ramsey to place a silent bid on the awesome and close senior parking spots. All proceeds will be used for the senior gift this year and no bid is too grand! Consider supporting the senior gift fund raiser and park unbelievably close to your classes.

Looking for volunteer hours? Cannon’s Beyond the Bell LEGO class is looking for a US student helper. The class is Tuesdays from 3 to 4 p.m. from 9/1 through 11/3. Please email if you are interested.




About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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