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   ” Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”- Dalai Lama

Day 3 Science  Drops

          Birthdays:Rachel Fitzpatrick

House Standings

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                                                                       Core Values:


Mohit Bajaj, Maryclaire Farrington, Nick Rossitch, Vannessa Dane and Jessica Abel, Mr. Herder, Mr. Barma and Mrs. Miller showed PASSION when they discussed  Conservation & Madagascar with National Geographic Explorer and Career Lunch & Learn speaker Luke Dollar.

Jonathan Green, John Christy, Evan Wimbish, Philip Jewell, Max Krumdieck, and Ryan Marks showed teamwork, kindness, and respect by unpacking the new recycling bins and bringing them in to Mr. Coggins’ room even when the task stretched into their free time. Thanks guys!

Evan Wimbish demonstrated KINDNESS when he ran an errand for Mrs. Stavrakas before going to his next class.  Thanks Evan!

Reed Harmon demonstrated TEAMWORK, KINDNESS and RESPECT when she voluntarily advocated for a fellow basketball player with a teacher.  Way to go, Reed!

John Nelson showed RESPECT and INTEGRITY when he volunteered to return a tray to the cafeteria after one of his friends left in a classroom.

Meghan Hendry demonstrated KINDNESS when she helped a student struggling with her math homework without even being asked.  Thanks Meghan!

Emily Jin and Summer Shinn showed INTEGRITY when they followed up with Ms. Hoffman about a Freshmen Seminar they missed.

Dante Lowe showed KINDNESS Friday when he recognized and applauded Logan Foster’s COURAGE in handling an unexpected situation on stage.

Congratulations Carrie.

Congratulations Carrie.

 Shout out to Carrie Schauder who trained and completed her first 1/2 marathon this past Saturday. Way to pursue your PASSION!


  Public Proclamations:

Juniors should report to the College Counseling room (616) during their drop period.

Students!  Earn service hours, appear on TV, and wave to 10,000 people!  Join Cannon School in Concord and/or Davidson for their Christmas parades.  The Concord Parade is Saturday, November 23 (next weekend).  The Davidson Parade is Saturday, December 7. Contact for more info!

Don’t forget to bring five dollars cash to buy your Chick-Fil-A lunch on Wednesday or Thursday across from foundation hall during lunch for Friday’s lunch. Five dollars will buy either a chicken sandwich or eight count nugget with a cookie or fries. All proceeds go to Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital and at the end of the year someone who buys will win a twenty dollar Chick-Fil-A gift card! 

Studying History is awesome.

Studying History is awesome.

The Brevard College Chamber Choir will be at Cannon this Thursday morning. They will be singing from about 8:55-9:25 in Taylor Hall (during C long block).

Warm weather warrants study time outside.

Warm weather warrants study time outside.

If you  are free and would like to come and listen, please do so.

Student Council meeting during lunch  today in Ms. Harley’s classroom.

IKEA is coming! Are you interested in Public Relations or Marketing? Are you interested in working at IKEA? This Tuesday’s Career Lunch & Learn features Brian Gott, Community Relations and Marketing Manager for IKEA Charlotte. US Library Annex.

Mr. Hurtado discussed the moral/ethical issue of a news cast from the weekend.

Mr. Hurtado discussed the moral/ethical issue of a news cast from the weekend.

  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Please register on Family Connections to visit with college representatives from the following colleges:November 21st: Ringling College of Art and Design 9:10

The first annual International Festival is scheduled for Thursday, November 21st during student life. The festival is a celebration of the many cultures that form the Upper School. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to represent the country of their heritage or a country of their “heart”.   If you are interested in representing a country or performing during the festival,  please contact Mr.Kmidowski for more information.







    After School Events:




Basketball – Girls Varsity
6:00 PM
Location: Cannon School
Basketball – Girls Varsity vs Covenant Day School

  SAT Fall Review
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Upper School Room 505
[More Details]

 Sophomore posse in the library.

Sophomore posse in the library.

  Diversi – Tea Book Club – Panel Discussion
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Foundation Hall

Quiet time in the Commons.

Quiet time in the Commons.





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