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   ” A Positive attitude is contagious. Don’t wait to catch it, be a carrier!”-unknown

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Student life: Club and Service fair in Taylor Hall

Birthday:  Mary McReynolds 9/6

Raiselle Swick 9/7, Mary Mackin 9/8

Mr. Taylor's class showing their passion on his white board.

Mr. Taylor’s class showing their passion on his white board.

Mr. Chris Taylor demonstrated TEAMWORK and KINDNESS by allowing a group of overzealous sophomores to take over his classroom and white board at lunch in order to study for AP European History.

Philip Jewell, Chris Batchelor, Daniel Wyatt, and Ryan Murphy demonstrated TEAMWORK when they helped repair a wall hanging in the US hallway.

Chris Batchelor, and Vikas Kejriwal showed KINDNESS when they volunteered to open the wall in the library after Thursday morning’s parent meeting.

 Mary Margaret Campbell and Courtney Nelson helped a friend (who is walking on crutches) with her books and backpack. Way to show KINDNESS.

  Dom Pelucio made it into the 2013 North Carolina Honors All-State Orchestra!  Only students who made it into the Western and Eastern Regional Honor Orchestra last school year are allowed to participate.  Then the top students are selected based on audition.  Dom is the first student from Cannon School to make it into this orchestra so it is a huge honor!  Please help me celebrate him! way to show PASSION for your work Dom! He will perform in Winston-Salem on November 10th if you are interested in coming to the concert!

Annie Earnshaw demonstrated INTEGRITY when she turned in five dollars that were found in the Commons.

Ben Wyatt demonstrated INTEGRITY when he arranged to take a test he would be missing for a sporting event in advance.  Way to go, Ben!

Liz Wahid demonstrated KINDNESS when she went out of her way to run an errand for Mrs. Stavrakas.  Thanks Liz!

Joe Joe Vaccaro demonstrated INTEGRITY when he told MS. Harley that she put up the answers on haiku instead of the actual worksheet.

Public Proclamations

Today during Advisory students will receive an individualized Winterm 2014 Registration Form. At you will find all you need to successfully register for Winterm courses.

The first Cannon Reading invasion is today during student choice from 1:05-1:30 in the quad. Grab a book and join us!The idea is simple- students, faculty, and staff bring something to read and “invade” a space on campus. Cannon Reading Invasion is not a book club but a time to come together during the school day to enjoy the act of reading and to remind our fellow Cougars that reading is an important part of our lives.

President Andrew cares for the fish tank in the commons

President Andrew cares for the fish tank in the commons

 Calling all future House Impetus leaders! Are you interested in learning more about the inner workings of the House System? Are you crazy about the Gossage Cup? Are you a leader who hasn’t had the chance to shine at Cannon yet? This opportunity is for you! House Impetus is looking for 3 leadership interns (2 sophomores and 1 junior) for the 2013-14 school year. Interns will have the unique ability to learn about the new house system while helping their house leaders bring home this year’s Gossage Cup. Interns should be organized and have a go-getter attitude, but we are most interested in finding interns that exude Impetus’ motto – “Enthusiasm for Life.”If any of this applies to you, please e-mail Miss Kundel ( with your application. The application should be a 1 page, MLA formatted document that answers the following 2 questions. 1. Why are you interested in leadership? What specifically excites you about working in the House System? 2. What new ideas do you have for the House System? What unique abilities/traits/passions can you bring to the table? We look forward to hearing from you all by Sep.11.

FRESHMEN: The deadline to apply for the internship with the Honor Council is today.  See Ms. Lineberger for details.

Sophomore: English students interested in attending the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet on Oct 3rd  please contact Mrs. Kundel today. Don’t miss out!

Juniors and Seniors: Sign up on Family Connections to meet with college representatives from:Christopher Newport University – September 12th.Washington University in St. Louis – September 12th VA Tech – September 13th

SENIORS – Have you been contacted by an organization named QUESTBRIDGE?  If you have heard from this organization by email or snail mail, please let your college counselor know right away.  This is a wonderful organization that matches eligible students to high quality colleges and universities.  The deadline to apply for this college matching process is September 27.  Please let your counselor know if you have been offered this opportunity.


Cannon's soccer team played a fabulous game last night.

Cannon’s soccer team played a fabulous game last night.


science drop leaves time for conversation about outdoor adventures

science drop leaves time for conversation about outdoor adventures

After School Events:


Football – Varsity

7:00 PM
Location: Trinity Christian School
Football – Varsity vs Trinity Christian School

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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