US Dean’s Core Values


Akash Kejriwal Last month at our concert Amelia Andretti dropped her cello.  The strings fell off and she was really upset.  Without me knowing that anything had happened, Akash jumped in and fixed her cello for her before he even got his own instrument ready.  When I finally got over there the whole situation had been fixed and Amelia was ready to walk on stage for her performance. 

 Olivia Knox demonstrated TEAMWORK when she not only played in her performance at Christmas in Davidson but helped another group out as well.

George Lovett demonstrated great KINDNESS when he volunteered to save his English teacher’s stapler from certain death by removing a hidden staple that had jammed it.  Thanks George!

Ashley Ervin demonstrated PASSION & KINDNESS when she assisted Ms. Stavrakas in nursing a fish back to health.  Thanks Ashley!

Westin Buchanan demonstrated KINDNESS when he helped a teacher move some furniture around without her even asking.  Thanks Westin!!!

Mike Dacus demonstrated INTEGRITY when he volunteered to move to a different desk in a crowded room to protect the integrity of the exam.  Thanks Mike!

Mike Dacus and Dina Fahmey demonstrated KINDNESS when they willingly shared notes with another student.  Give these students a high-five!

Meghan Hendry demonstrated TEAMWORK when she helped align desks for her exam AND offered one of her pencils up to another student.  Way to go, Meghan!

Jack Langford demonstrated KINDNESS and RESPECT by voluntarily moving some furniture for a teacher to make it easier for her!  Thanks Jack!!

Ashley gets a GRRRowl!

Ashley gets a GRRRowl!

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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