US Dean’s Core Values


            Jake Andrews and Zach Tysinger demonstrated RESPECT when they cleaned up the commons after some freshmen left behind a mess.  Way to go men!!!

            Jake Flynn demonstrated KINDNESS when he gave up his seat so that an injured classmate wouldn’t have to sit on the floor.  Give Jake a high five!

            Timmy Hennigan demonstrated great KINDNESS when he moved from some extra desks in the hall to let a teacher and student hold a conference there. Thanks so much, Timmy!

            Connor Lippincott demonstrated KINDNESS when he helped teacher with carrying heavy box during football game. It was a nice gesture!

            Alec Wintering and Darren David demonstrated RESPECT by turning in a movie they knew belonged to a teacher.  Thank you guys!

About The Dean Team

Student Life: Our passion is to know our students, create an unforgettable high school experience, celebrate student achievement; and to empower every student to know themselves, own their actions, seek adventure, conquer challenges, lead others, and pursue balance.
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